UPS: Delivering Above and Beyond

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    UPS: Delivering Above and Beyond - Yehey

    We are all familiar with the services that UPS (United Parcel Service) offers. But how many of us are aware of the volunteer programs that the company has set up?

    In an effort to give back to the communities, UPS Asia Pacific has launched a Global Volunteer campaign to aid various areas in the region. And what had originally started out as a week long service has now turned into a month long endeavor of aid.
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    some of our employees recently did some volunteer work for st josephs for the blind school/visually impaired in dublin ireland.this group do not get any money for children form zero to five from our miserable government so rely on donations and volunteer work,last year we got the 20000 u$ from ups after completing the number of hours needed for getting the grant from ups and they were delighted.fairplay to ups and its workers for giving their time up.these kids and other charities need our help.
    its sad in this day and age a govt not supporting these people only for the dedicated staff and helpers they would be lost.