UPS delivers through weather challenges

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    UPS delivers through weather challenges - Business First

    Unlike many businesses that ordered workers to stay at home after this week’s winter storm, United Parcel Service Inc. didn’t have the luxury of shutting down operations.

    Second-day parcel processing at the Worldport air cargo hub at Louisville International Airport and sorting operations at UPS’s two ground distribution facilities were not halted.
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    UPS drivers are some of the hardest working men in America! They are underated and not respected for the dedication that they provide entire globe. Thank God for all you UPSers! I dont work for UPS but promote it in my company daily. Thanks guys you are the best!
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    I have to admit that when I am driving around, walking up long driveways, while parked in the middle of the road, i am mumbling,WHAT THE HECK AM I DOING RISKING MY LIFE OR OTHERS. However, when the day is done and i look back and only see a couple " missed" I think DAMN i'm good. haha