UPS-DHL: antitrust threat?

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    UPS-DHL: antitrust threat? - Columbus Dispatch

    A deal between DHL and United Parcel Service is the "most complex" transaction ever proposed in 30 years of aviation deregulation and might violate antitrust law, the chairman of the House Transportation Committee said yesterday.

    "It's not a merger; it's not an acquisition," Rep. Jim Oberstar, D-Minn., acknowledged at a hearing on the economic impact of the proposed deal for UPS to provide air-transport services to package-delivery rival DHL.
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    It seems that the other option DHL has if lawmakers say that the deal is uncompetitive is to close up shop.

    How many people would that put out of work???

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    i have to laugh at that clown john mccain saying its antitrust etc etc,yet when dhl bought airborne he was all for it.where was he when dhl and the astar buying setting up etc.
    and he is going to lobby this that and the other,i certainly hope ups doen't give money to this joker.he should be put away and given his pipe & slippers and a few tabs to keep him quiet..:happy-very: