ups discriminates against reserve soldiers

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    Just recently UPS took away my Labor Day pay. Why? Because I'am in the Army reserves. UPS pay roll response, It's UPS policy to not pay reserve soldiers benefits since 9/11 to save money. 14 years working for UPS and I loose health, holiday and retirement because I do Army duty. Sounds like crap to me. And to top things off, UPS is on the military list for friendly employers.:biting:
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    Grieve it
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    grieve the hell out of that and have a lawyer handy, that's horse turds.
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    Your rights as an employee in the Army reserve are covered under USERRA.

    Pension is pretty well covered, I don't see any way that your retirement can be adversely affected. You'll have to read up and see how the health and holiday pay sections apply to your specific situation. I would recommend talking to either a military lawyer or a civilian lawyer who has some experience with these kinds of cases. If UPS is screwing you over this, skip the grievance process and take it straight to the courts.
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    I can't see you not getting paid for the holiday, unless you didn't work the day before and the day after.
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    I'm not sure what the exact problem is here. Are you saying that while you were gone you did not get holiday pay or after you returned? Ussera is very clear on your retirement benefits you will be ok but the quicker you get that straightened out the better off you will be. Also I left on military leave for two years after 9-11 and UPS made up the difference in my pay for the first year and maintained my health insurance so I think someone may be blowing smoke up you six from payroll. I don't think that you have to get paid for a holiday that you were on leave for. They will continue you health insurance for two years and the time you are on leave will count for you pension I think up to five years. You may have to print off the laws and take a copy up to them but I would be surprised if you got any real resistance.
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    You might try reporting this to your Commanding Officer and see what his reaction is.
    I'm willing to bet the phones at UPS will be ringing before you leave the reserve centers parking lot.
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    In our contract, we only have to work one day in the week to get the holiday pay.
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    on sunday nov,2 2008 they had something on 60min.assn't sec of defense for military contact them.
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    Please let me know if you got my PM.
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    I'm just a truck driver...........
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    Assistant Secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs

    1500 Defense Pentagon Washington, DC 20301-1500

    (703) 697-6631

    FAX (703) 697-1682

    GSN 227-6631

    DSN FAX 227-1682
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    Downloadable file on
    UPS Guide to Military Leaves of Absence