UPS driver fed up with trucks that don't have A/C

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    UPS driver fed up with trucks that don't have A/C - WWSB

    Summer is around the corner, but already temperatures are beginning to rise. One group not happy about that is UPS drivers, since most of their trucks don't have A/C.

    "No one in the delivery industry uses A/C in those trucks because the doors are open all day long and the air moving in and out so it will make AC very ineffective," said Dan McMackin a UPS representative.

    And he says there are things the driver can do to stay cool. "Training is really key to avoiding a situation like that. The first step is hydration, the second step is focus on wellness in your every day life, so diet does add additional factors to the heat."
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    Notice the DIAD communication sound going off in the background. Probabaly giving a safety tip about drinking enough water.

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    As an AC tech, I am really skeptical that it would be effective in the application. Even in dry climates in a somewhat insulated tractor sleeper cab that rarely opens you would be lucky to have 80* inside when it's 110 outside.
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    Its all the drivers (workers) fault don't you understand? Your life style, your (loser) habits outside of work, your failure to follow UPS's shifting constellation of 10,0000 work rules and procedures. UPS's work pace, work load, work rules, equipment, and environmental stresses have zero to do with heat stroke, heat exhaustion or any injuries period. Now go get your lawyers (aka, pound sand) cause we've got a method and a procedure for this or that or anything that points the finger back at us (UPS) plus billions of $$ and legions of lawyers to make whats wrong right.
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    Yea now try and break off for a squirt and catch a "retraining" 3 day ride on when it cost them money. :sick:

    "Retraining" sound like a re-education camp in mother Russia doesn't it. Feels like one too!:knockedout:
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    How many people have driven a package car in the South and have learned to deal with the heat? She has just put a big target on herself by going on camera!
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    I once recorded a temperature of 125° in the back of the truck. Being used to the extreme heat does make for wide open golf courses in Palm Springs in the summertime. :)
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    I took a thermometer into the back of a P-400 with a solid brown top (pre-"greenhouse" tops) and the temp was 141 F.
    I kept bulkhead the door open in the summer.

    1BROWNWRENCH Amateur Malthusian

    maybe we could fit them with screen doors for Summer.
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    Now we know how your old noodle got fried
  11. rod

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    I hope this gal realizes that even though the "cold" climate drivers have a heater about the only time you can say the truck gets anywhere near warm is on road back and forth to your delivery area. Having to shut the engine off at each stop and opening the doors kind of kills the "heat" thing when its 20 below outside. Back in the "good old days before all the big brother spy crap was added we just jammed the bulkhead door lock open, left a spare key in the rear door and let the truck run all day.
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    so if we are supposed to stay hydrated...are we going to get a few more 10 minute breaks for the amount of pee that is flowing??
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    After listening to the man from Corp respond, and mention being healthy, how does all the additional stress and harassment help with living a healthy life and the summer heat ?? Also, they could save some serious cash if they turned off the A/C in Atlanta, and get box fans for the windows to try to keep the Greedy fat cats cool.., Also, remove all the A/C from the centers/hubs as well.. Those box fans would provide more comfort than the door open in a package car...
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    UPS doesnt give a crap about the effects of the extreme heat on their package drivers. They send out drivers to work 12 hour days all summer long when there are official extreme heat warnings.

    They could easily put in a few more routes instead of sending drivers home. MONEY COMES FIRST BEFORE THE HEALTH OF THEIR PEOPLE. NO MATTER HOW HOT IT IS!
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    UPS cares about the condition of their customer packages.
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    Another reason why UPS cares more about money then the people who break their backs to make this company the billions of dollars it make every year... I mean really you can't install AC in the trucks with the billions you guys make.. You can run a small country with billions, but can't put AC in the trucks...I ready want to know if Scott Davis our CEO knows how they treat us at the hubs with old broking equipment and no AC?? I wouldn't be surprised if theirs a strike in June.... I SUPPORT UPS WORKERS
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    ha the 10 minute break is a joke
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    UPS Corporate needs to understand that UPS Costumers are = to UPS Workers.. No customer, No cash flow.... no employes no package flow... Its really not that hard to understand even with your U Penn Business Degrees
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    I think some of these complaints should be put on the UPS facebook page and not just about trucks not having AC... what about forced overtime, lunch hour problems, drivers working off of the clock in the morning, The harassment we take from the management, I think for the most part the public has no idea what UPS is really like
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    She is not physically fit to do this job. Perhaps she should consider management? Mounted fans, heat in the winter, and respect are necessities.
    p.s. >heat + >fluid intake = >perspiration. If you're peeing more, IMO you aren't working as hard as some of us. Find your own personal balance.
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