UPS Driver Found With $100,000 Of Merchandise In Home

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    MERAUX, La. -- A United Parcel Service driver has been arrested following a search of his home that turned up a veritable warehouse of pilfered UPS packages, according to a St. Bernard Parish sheriff's spokesman.

    Maj. John Doran said investigators found opened packages with six computers, more than 40 handguns and rifles, dozens of fishing poles, 200 bottles of wine, several boxes of cigars and a $2,000 bicycle at Mark Raschke's home in Meraux.

    Doran said there was no indication he was selling the stuff, just hoarding it.

    Raschke was booked this week with felony possession of stolen property.

    Doran said UPS officials had put the 28-year employee under surveillance in an internal investigation into an unusual number of missing packages. He said the company notified the sheriff's office after they saw a driver back his delivery truck up to his house and unload a package containing a 26-inch plasma TV addressed to a Pearl River man.

    The thefts, which were estimated to total $100,000, involved packages earmarked for other drivers.
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    Not the first time it's happened and probably won't be the last.[​IMG]
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    I wonder if he was bidding on the toast?
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    If this sht keeps up there aint gonna be any Christmas gifts for us come December. These two scum have really undermined the cause of every decent guy and gal wearing the BROWNS at a time when the trust factor between driver and customer is already under strain.

    Frankly, I think this is the lowest point I've ever seen in all my years here. I'm just ashamed. Great going guys. Way to give your team a giant black eye for everyone to see! Lousy parasites! I hope they burn in fricken hell!!![​IMG]
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    tell us how you really feel.......
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    Have any of you all had increased concerns and dfu's?
    I have had idiot people saying they didnt get a note on th/fr, and I didnt knock on Monday, and the damn dog was bouncing off the window. Come to find out he was in Oregon th/fr/ and he just thought his dog was "stressing" when he heard him on Monday.(me knocking) He complained I did not knock or ring the bell, there is no bell IDIOT!!!!! I thanked him kindly for his complaint, and I want that concern removed from my file. How do I do that???
    Then I had a dfu for a stereo, valued 1400.00, didnt know what it was when I delivered it, not marked in any way, the customer came out of the house and said thanks,, do I need to sign, I said no sig required, and the bast*** now says he never got it. I went there three days with a dfu and I could hear them scurry like rats, but no one would come to the door, so they did not get the checks I had either. Today I saw the guy, called in to the center, told LP the guy who took it is there now, drinking beer and yakking on the phone on the FP. And they did not want to come out and confront him and I did. They made me try for three days, to make contact, now when they could they just want to pay him. So I see the DFU's increasing in that area. Better yet I will just get all sigs, and increase my day by 2.5. I feel they left me like a sitting duck. Instead of letting them be confronted they let them walk away with 1400.oo more in their pocket. Looks real good for us. Yeah UPS is easy money. I give up!!!
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    Tooner-This is why whenever anybody came to the door befrore I left I got a signature. When a sup was with me I would do the same thing and explain to them that this way there was no question the people got the package. Protected me and UPS. Also when doing a driver followup and the people would deny receiving the package I would tell them that someone from the FBI would be contacting them since this was a theft of an interstate pkg. Had one lady chase me down the street to change her mind about receiving the package after she had a minute to think that one over.
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    Ive used that one too with quite a good success.

    Best one I ever had to follow up on was a pistol that we misdelivered. Guy said he didnt have it and I pointed down the street to where a police car was sitting and told him they were waiting for me to leave. If without the gun, they would move in with a search warrent, if with the gun, they would go back to the department. Told him please go check with his wife or kids to make sure they didnt know about it.

    30 seconds later he comes to the door with the pistol. Blames it on the kids ( who were in school at the time) and still claimed that he didnt know. Then he said that he figured that insurance would take care of the claim and no one would care.

    What an idiot.

    BTW, the cop was a block away to take care of a warrent for someone else, just happened to be in the right place at the right time for me to use.

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    Danny-roflmao duh didnt know i had the pkg
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  11. Let me tell all you fellow UPS employees. If you think this company is concern more about you than that brown box, well you are dumber than you look, and that is a fact. I can tell you hundreds of horror storys that happen at our facility including mangers, supervisors, part time sup's changing time cards and stealing time from employees to make there numbers, Osha voilations that was hazzard to workers, put workers under unbeliveable stress on them and there family's, firing workers just to put pressure on them to make ther numbers which makes them miss ther lunch hour and work unsafe. and i could go on for hours of horror story's so you just keep on going believeing that this company worrying about you. all you are is just a number that will be replaced if something happens to you. Last of all how many of you have high blood pressure, heart conditions, knee problems, back problems , stress problems, divorce, family,and just general health ppoblems............. Think about it..
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    This aint a prison--there are no bars--you can leave at anytime- UPS as an entity has a job opening, you were told the parameters of the job-you accepted it--the job doesnt change for you--you adjust for the job --that is if you wan't to keep it--thats for ANY company--the company has a job that needs to be done--you accept the job-you are an employee--not a family member. A company does'nt change a job for its employees because they are disgruntled.
    Companies care about their employees to a degree--but if the company is not in business to make all the money it can--it usually goes out of business. And if you think any employee is not expendable (including yourself) then think again--that goes for mgmt too!
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    great way to use your head. You make me proud "sniff".
  14. Oh I see Fishcat, You must be one of those brown nose suckasses, company man. Why don't try your letter in for mangament because that sure sounds like what you are and also people like you are the reason UPS gets away with evrything they do. I'm not saying stealing is right I will be the first to tell you that but until you know the whole story you should keep your mouth shut. Be a man and stand up for your rights and workers would not have half the problems they have dealing with this company. Think about this, if everybody stood up together and fought for your right's " which you have a contract you work under" I promiss you UPS would be a good company to work for but not until then. I watch the driver that delivers to me and the poor guy jumps from the truck runs as fast as he can to my door, falls down and scraps his knees gets up and keeps on running. If he hurts himself and misses work and pay, Ups will say he did not follow safety rules and give him a warning letter for that. Let me tell you this harsh reallity, I had two good friends and both retired at different times, neither one collect more than 2 months of retirement checks because both died.