UPS driver handles daughter's birth in his living room

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    UPS driver handles daughter's birth in his living room - Chicago Sun Times

    Craig Ramirez is a delivery man for UPS. And he's got a pretty good idea what the jokes at work will be when he returns.

    That's because Saturday morning, the Carol Stream man delivered his own daughter. In his own living room. In the dark.

    His wife, Lisa, really gets the credit. She did the hard part. But Dad got to share in the experience in a way he never imagined.
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    Congrats on your new bundle of joy:happy2:
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    UPS should thank him- he saved them about 10 grand in insurance benefits.
    Congrats to him, by the way!
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    Management will probably ask him where the signature is for the delivery he made?:happy-very::peaceful::happy2::funny::smart::sad-little:
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    U ought to get deliveryman of the year; that is just great,congratulations
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    he didnt have to have one he dr it