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    Hi everybody,

    UPS experience so far: I was hired on in early December as a driver helper for my first season (I had a pulse and no criminal history, that took a lot).
    During peak I was assigned to two drivers (typically about 8 hours a day not including the hour lunch in the middle) and did a mix of pickups & drops, commercial & residential. The Friday before Christmas, I turned in my pullover and picked up my paycheck.
    After Christmas weekend the package center called me and asked me to pick up a new pullover and meet with a different driver & that the HR director wants to meet with me in a few weeks.
    I've been doing that for 4 hours a day since then on a regular route in the mornings with the occasional afternoon route when the package center needs me.

    Personally: I am a 30 y/o college student who spent his 20s burning the candle at both ends selling real estate & working 14 hour days at a distribution center as an inventory control manager (it went from being an internship to a full time job unexpectedly). Economy collapsed and I squandered my savings working on my college degree (Sociology major, business minor) & avoiding debt.

    1. How long should I expect to keep working as a driver helper? I've heard murmurs of some routes getting permanent p/t driver helpers, but wouldn't the seniority thing with the Union give others the first right of refusal on such a position?
    2. In your age and various stages of working at UPS, do you think you made the right choice to "Go Brown" with your life track?
    3. Whats next?

    In advance, thanks for your insight!
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    Hi Cbus.

    I'm pretty sure the answers to your questions depend upon your local economy and the requirements of your location. You will probably get more responses to specific questions like those by posting in the UPS discussions forum.

    Welcome to our community.
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    Hi CBus. If you worked here and were waiting for a full time job, would you want permanent helpers? That would cut down on the new routes(full time jobs) added. You seem to be quite capable. You should try and get hired on the inside. Good luck to you, and as Cheryl said, try the discussions forum.
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    UPS was the furthest thing from my mind when I was honorably discharged from the USAF in 1989. I had my 4 year business degree in hand and fully expected to walk in to a job but after spending the last 6 months of my enlistment sending out resumes with little to no response I came back home prepared to look for a job. I called a friend of mine who I had been stationed with here---he told me he was working at UPS and that they were hiring--I applied and the rest is history.

    If I had to do it all again I would have much preferred to use my degree but I have found my career job at UPS.

    My advice to you would be to continue working as a driver helper as long as the opportunity is there. I don't think there should be permanent helpers as this would not be fair to those inside workers who have put their time in waiting for a full time opening. When that comes to an end apply for a position on the inside, one that works around your school schedule. If I had to bet I would say that UPS would be a stepping stone to a career elsewhere. If I am wrong, you should know that at your age that you would be at least 60-65 before you could retire with a full pension. I will be 58 and know that the last few years will be a physical struggle--I couldn't imagine doing this when I was 60-65.

    Use your degree. Dave.