UPS driver is the ‘King of Kirkwood’

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    UPS driver is the ‘King of Kirkwood’ - Indiana Daily Student

    After 186 stops through Bloomington within 12 hours, Orlando Driver’s day is finished. First, the high-priority packages, then the larger ones, then it’s a free-for-all. It has been his routine for 36 years and counting.

    Driver is a United Parcel Service delivery man. At 60 years-old, Driver walks Kirkwood Avenue nearly every day making deliveries. Over the years, some of the business owners he’s gotten to know have left, but Driver is still here.

    “He really is the king of Kirkwood,” said Jay Wilkin, general manager of Tracks Music and Videos. “He knows what’s up.”

    Being able to get out and see the same people for the last 15 to 20 years has been the best part of his job, Driver said. IU students whose parents were around when Driver first started his job have come up to him, saying their parents have talked about him and how nice he was.
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    Too bad Orlando Driver wasn't a driver in Orlando.
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    36 years is 6 years too long
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    "Once I'm done, I'll be in honeydew hell." I don't even know this man and I think I love him.