UPS driver killed in accident in NJ

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  2. dannyboy

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    The cab is pretty much gone on that rig.

    Its things like this that you want to never forget to tell those you love that you do love them. Cause you might never ever get another chance.

  3. brownedout

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    Thoughts and prayers to our brother's family, friends and co-workers. It's not been a good month for us upsers, lets all be extra careful.
  4. raceanoncr

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    So sad. Prayers for family. RIP
  5. trouble maker

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    Very sad news. God bless him and his family.
  6. over9five

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    R.I.P. driver.
  7. Old International

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    It is dangerous out there. Always say goodbye like it maybe the last time, and say hello the next morning like you mean it. My prayers and good wishes go out to the drivers family.
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    My prayers and condolences to the family.
  9. tieguy

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    Some of the burtonsville drivers knew him and used to meet and exchange loads with him in Jersey. I saw the pictures. not sure I've ever seen a tractor get destroyed that bad. Not sure why while there are trees in the area none seem to be big enough to cause that kind of damage. Just a reminder of how much torque one of these units can generate. The dolly actually snapped. I dont know if I have ever seen that. Terrible situation. My best to the family.

  10. Covemastah

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    What a shame,God bless his poor soul and bless his family!!!
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    Wow these threads are starting to be a little too common. RIP Peter Parkes. :(
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    God Bless Peter and his Family
  13. Braveheart

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    Peace to his family, friends and co-workers.

    People often forget our job can be dangerous.

    Tell those you care for how much they mean to you whenever you get the chance.

    Life is so fragile.

    God Bless
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    Our PCM this morning covered this. He had 4 kids. Said he was a co-chair on the safety commitee. Condolences to the family.
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    Out thoughts and prayers go out to this man's family. May GOD, give his wife the wisdom and comfort that will be required during this trying time.
  16. over9five

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    That's the truth.
  17. dannyboy

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    While those trees look small in the photo, they are at least a foot, and closer to two feet in diameter, and there are several. By the way they look at the base, they were sheared off at ground level by the cab/trailer sliding into them. Then with their position in the photo, the impact threw the bases at least 30-40 feet away. It takes quite a lick to do that. And it will do quite a bit of damage to what ever hits it. By the looks of the trees and cab, he impacted the trees directly with the cab, while it was sliding on its side. The reason for that is the minimal damage to the front of the tractor. It impacted the cab right above the front bumper. Very little protection for the driver in an accident like this. Fiberglass, while strong, is not a match for a tree when it comes to an impact.

    On a related note, we had a trash truck back into one of our p1000's several years ago. THe driver was in the seat doing paperwork. Trash truck was doing less than 5 MPH in reverse. It crushed the cab of the p1000 so badly, they had to cut him out of the cab. Another couple inches, and he would not have survived. And that was at less than 5MPH.

    Package cars and tractors really have little protection for the driver in a wreck.

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  19. dannyboy

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    That happened earlier today right up 81 from me. Here we got a lot of rain and a ton of huge flakes, but it was too warm and wet for them to stick.

    Same at exit 10. but by exit 14, it was totally different, and the further up to Wytheville you got, the worse it was.

    Glad our bunch was OK.

  20. piper

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    I work in strfd ct. WE knew Peter parkes, great 191- teamster,obit in ct post jan29th,He played the bagpipes and leaves a young son and two girls .He was A GREAT GUY.