UPS driver mauled by dogs while delivering letter

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    UPS driver mauled by dogs while delivering letter - WTAE

    Driver hospitalized more than 7 days after attack by three German shepherds

    A UPS delivery driver remained hospitalized Tuesday awaiting a third surgery after she was mauled by three German Shepherds Aug. 28 in Penn Township.

    The driver, Amy Demi, was attacked while delivering a letter to the homeowner shortly after 2 p.m., according to her boyfriend, Bob Armstrong.

    “The first one came out and just went right at her knee. Then the other two came in and just started biting her everywhere. She’s bitten head to toe except for her face," Armstrong said.
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    Kill the dogs and lock up the owner. They invited her, now they should pay. 3 at once... I'd be happy to be alive.
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    Poor gal. :(
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    Prayers for a successful recovery. Know it will be a long road.