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UPS Driver Prospects/Career Change


I'm 36 years old and am in a dead end sales job. The father of my best friend growing up worked for UPS as a driver for 30+ years and it seemed like a great place to work. I'm interested in making the career switch and pursue a driving position with UPS in the NY/Long Island area. Just a few questions- Will I have to start at a lower position and work my way up, or is it possible to begin as a driver? I'm in great shape, work out and run marathons so the physical aspects of the job are not an issue. I work like a dog at what ever I do and have a spotless employment record. Driving record is clean except for a speeding ticket three years ago. Any input is greatly appreciated!

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Interesting question. In the previous last 30 years, the answer was yes, if you want a full time driving job, you have to pay your dues by working part time, in many cases 3-10 years depending on where you live and want to work.

But it seems that in the last 6-12 months there has been a shift of people that we now have part time, that no longer want full time delivery work. For the first time since the mid 70's, our center is now out of qualified people wanting to go full time from our part time ranks. Something I have heard as well from other areas of the USA. In many areas feeder drivers are now recruited from outside of UPS ranks because no one wants the job.

So depending on your area, you could step right into a full time job, either in delivery or feeders. In other areas, I would guess the 3-10 year wait still remains.

This is my first post on Brown Cafe...My fiancee is at work right now at the Long Island Hub. He is just a package handler who's been there for a month. He wants to be a driver too but as I have heard I think they want to put you through some paces first so my guess is you should prepare yourself for the possibility to start as a package handler.

Just my 2 cents I'm sure UPS employees can help you better.


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Sounds to me like your WAY over qualified. Hope you get full time because the company could use more like you