UPS driver shot on Cleveland’s east side speaking out after shooter pleads guilty

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    UPS driver shot on Cleveland’s east side speaking out after shooter pleads guilty - Fox 8

    A UPS driver who was shot multiple times while on the job is now speaking out, just one day after the gunman pleaded guilty to multiple felonies inside a Cuyahoga County courtroom.

    55-year-old Timothy Marks, a UPS driver, was delivering packages on Cleveland’s Scovill Avenue back in October when he sensed danger.

    The shooter, 42-year-old Joel Parker of Cleveland, followed Marks to his UPS truck, demanded money and then opened fire at him.
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    glad he pulled thru thank goodness. with 30 years under his belt he should retire. he's only 55 but could work at a job he can enjoy, stay alive in , plus collect his pension
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    Sue UPS and retire on an island .
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    Just hang the thug right now. Low life skum.
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    but he may be disadvantaged
    poor upbringing
    no father
    mentally challenged
    person of color
    victim of substance abuse

    rod, we as a society may have failed him
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    Such a profound statement, thank you for sharing.
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    You don't understand because you are not a DemWit LibTurd!
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    All the more reason
  9. Maple Grove MN Driver

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    You been hanging out with @UpstateNYUPSer in his racially sterile retirement camp?
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    Upstate pays extra for his racially sterile neighborhood. We rely on Mother Nature to keep ours that way-- for the most part.