UPS drivers plunge into frigid water for Salvation Army

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    UPS drivers plunge into frigid water for Salvation Army - Laconia Daily Sun

    A few drivers from United Parcel Service, not willing to accept that the Salvation Army’s fundraising Turkey Plunge was canceled this year, found some chilly water to jump into so they could generate donations for the charitable organization.

    This is the Lakes Region, after all, so, when the annual event at Opechee Cove was canceled over concerns about water quality, they simply found another spot — Bartlett Beach on Lake Winnisquam.

    At 11 a.m. on Saturday, the drivers, in their brown uniforms, dove into the bracingly cold water.
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    No one with any sense should have been there ... so yeah, Frig should have been there. :wink2:
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    They don’t pay me to help people, they pay me to watch them suffer
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