UPS earn and learn program transfer problems.

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    For the last four years i have been using UPS earn and learn program off and on at my local community college, i finally earned enough credits to transfer to a university and was accepted into Towson University. So i signed up for classes and submitted my Edcor application, i was approved for a 2600.00 reimbursement. I asked for an educational transfer from my HR rep and he suggested the hunt valley ups because of its location. Everything went well i commuted from my bulding for a week before my transfer went through. once my transfer went through it took a while for my info to switch over when it finnaly did i noticed that i could no longer log into Edcor so i went to my new HR to learn that hunt vally UPS is not part of the earn and learn program for there part time employees. This news was a huge shock to me and i cannot belive that this was not even mentioned to me during the transfer process knowing that from the start the only reason i work at ups was to pay for my education. With the fall semester coming to an end i need to pay for my next semester which is impossible for me without my reimbursement and i have no idea how to approch this problem. If anyone has any suggestions or information on this problem it would be greatly appreciated. (please excuse my spelling this was typed from a mobile device.)
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    What do the rules say. Does it say you have to maintain employment at an eligible center? you may be able to get reimbursed for this semester you apeal
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    Student loans.

    Not enough extra hours from peak to pay for it?
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    No, Towson is one of the cheaper colleges in md but it still adds up to about 4500 per semester. And I am already only sleeping 3 nights of the workweek due to my crazy scedual.
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    Federal loan? Get another job? Sometimes I wondered if certain people are living in a bubble.
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    Stated the current time constraints working full time hours and going to school full time at the moment.
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    that is F'd up. Go back that HR person and smack them in the face. Then find out which is the next closest earn and learn location and demand transfer there.
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    In my state, only hubs are earn and learn, nothing in the outstate buildings.
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    This is my first year at ups and I've gotten so far as getting my payment approved and my check number. When should I be receiving the reimbursement payment?
    Thanks man..