ups/ebola connection?

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    It's been said that the cost of an airplane ticket from Liberia to the US is approximately 4 to 6k.
    You can see Various Prices
    Patient Zero quit his job at a shipping company on Sept 4th.

    Additional info about his job:

    For the past year, Mr. Duncan had worked as a driver at Safeway Cargo, the Liberian customs clearance agent for FedEx, said Henry Brunson, the company’s manager. In a statement, FedEx said that Mr. Duncan was employed as a personal driver for the company’s general manager, not to work for FedEx’s global operations.

    According to got news ...

    Thomas Duncan flew from Monrovia (ROB) to Brussels (BRU) on Brussels Airlines flight 1247 (SN1247) which departed ROB on Thurs. Sept. 18 and arrived in BRU early moring Fri. Sept. 19. He did not depart BRU until the next day aboard United Airlines flight (UA951) which arrived at Dulles (IAD) the same day. He had a round-trip ticket, which was purchased on Sept. 2 from an IATA accredited travel agency in Lagos, Nigeria. It appears his ticket was purchased by a company named “Silson Global Business Liberia Ltd.”.

    What is Silson Glogal Business Liberia Ltd?

    Liberia Contact Information
    Silson Global Business Liberia Limited
    Authorized Service Contractor for UPS
    20th Street
    Tubman Boulevard - Sinkor

    Did UPS pay for the shipment of a walking biohazard?
    Just a little curious about the who/what/when/where/why the tickets were purchased. Any ideas?
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    Remember everyone if it's posted on the internet it must be true.
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    Are you trying to lower the value of my stock with this nonsense? Take it down
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    Since the guy with Ebola didn't show any symptoms until AFTER a he arrived in the usa I don't see why it would even matter.

    Seeing as how you post this rubbish though I doubt you'll understand.
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    "we're from the government----you have nothing to worry about"-------

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    I'am not worried about it. Probably have a higher chance of getting killed while going to work than contracting this. My understanding is there is an incubation period and your contagious only after your sicker than a dog.
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    Seeing that the avg. salary in Liberia is about $700/ yr.
    One would have to save up quite a lot of time to purchase a ticket .
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    about the only connection I can see is he flew on an airplane and UPS owns some airplanes too.