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  1. :dissapointed:I have heard rumors about after the new year begins, UPS will start cutting more routes and send full time cover drivers with 5 years seniority like me back to part time in preload. I know 22 routes and have very little time off due to lack of work. This kind of thing scares me. How does anyone know what's going to happen? and When? Is this true? will it affect me, and my family???:sad-little:
  2. over9five

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    All good questions that nobody can (or will) answer at this time.

    I forsee bad times ahead at UPS. Thank goodness for Peak, or we would have had lay-offs already.
  3. Mike Hawk

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    I have heard rumors that posts that start with "I have heard rumors" are just rumors and nothing else.
  4. over9five

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    Yes, that's true. But it's only a rumor.
  5. I appreciate it. I guess all we can do is hope for the best. I love my job, and I'm not prepared to unload trailers again, and I'm especially not prepaired for a paycut. :(
  6. But Benefits Are Great!

    But Benefits Are Great! Just Words On A Screen

    Two Words - Get Prepared

    I'm not being Mr. Doom & Gloom - I am in the same boat as you - It's just that anyone who says in January "I can't believe the massive lay offs they just had" must be living in a cave. This is the worst overall economy in a VERY long time, and, in some sectors, ever.
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    Unfortunately, anyone who believes that UPS will ride out the storm or thinks that UPS is "recession proof" is in line for a rude awakening. Businesses are tanking left and right, stocks falling like rocks, unemployment rising and little or no hope in sight. It's going to take a LONG time before we, The USA, get back to where we were. Volume is way down now vs. this time last year. Come January 1st, we will certainly be feeling the storm.

    I was tempted to start another thread on the Teamsters vs. UAW. If things got bad for UPS, how many teamsters would be willing to give concessions?
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    Now it is more important than ever for each and every driver to do our jobs strictly by the book. Take every second of our lunches. Walk at a brisk pace (don't run). Don't take short cuts. Drive the speed limit. All of that good stuff. We've had numerous discussions about this on here and about how being a "running and gunning lunch skipper" screws up the routes. There has always been a few people during these discussion that just didn't seem to understand this. Or maybe they just don't care. Well, if they haven't figured it our yet they will after peak. When these cuts start happening reality will come crashing down on them like a ton of bricks. The problem is that it affects others. That is what some of us in my center are trying to explain to our center "studs." They just don't get it.
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    There might come a time for that but this is not the time! Ups profited 1.6 billion last quarter, and the auto makers are losing money. Concessions come when the company is down and not makiing a profit. If times are as bad as we are led to believe how come ups is spending money on hiring these dead beat dhl sales reps?
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    Hey Red,
    Yes, we are certainly not there yet..........but, it is not a far reach to say we could get there. UPS announced that last quarter they saw a drop in profits by 9.9%. That was mid October. Look what has happened to the market since then.
  11. cachsux

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    Ok, We just voted you CEO. What concessions do you want and what are you going to do,what do you guarantee,and what needs to be achieved before we get our concession back? Your up to bat King.
  12. 705red

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    That time might come! My point was that we are still making a profit and if ups thinks that i will agree to some sort of cut backs on my benefits, pay etc while they are hiring more dead weight off the street into management as in the dhl sales force hiring, than they have another thing coming.

    I have turned in 4 leads this week for a totla of 7 or 8 for the year, and while i still have not seen a dime for the big one that hit i continue to help and grow the business.

    Now if ups wants to take care of its own as in the employees that have been here and worked their way up as is the case with many of the layoffs, than i too could be willing to sacrafice.
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    CEO.....First, I want a fleet of personal jets at my disposal. Would like to send some friends and family away on holiday!!!

    Like I said before, we aren't there yet and certainly hope we never get there. I was more interested to hear from other teamsters to see if they would be willing to "give back" in order to keep more teamsters working. There will be layoffs. I guess the real question is “Would you be willing to take less, to keep others working?”
  14. nati local 100

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    The reality is if and once we do make concessions we wont get them back,hopefully it won't get to that point,thankfully we still have about five years left on this contract ,maybe that will be enough time to get through this!
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    Cutbacks in January are the norm, and have been over the years.
    Volume dictates jobs, and the less volume, the less people needed.

    Scott Davis, CEO, has already announced layoffs in 2009, and if you haven't noticed the economy is not bouncing back yet, or who knows if the economy will ever be the same, but every major business entity has announced layoffs.

    Save whatever you can during peak, and hopefully, DHL ground volume may keep some people working.

    Not a good situation for anyone in the US or globally for that matter.
  16. Monkey Butt

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    On the positive side, it now appears we have been in a recession since April of this year. UPS has been reporting down trends in volume even before that. :dissapointed: and :whiteflag:

    As the economy starts to recover, hopefully UPS will be a bellwether for that recovery and volume will start to pick back up even though it is not evident the economy is in a recovery. :anxious:

    But then again, I neither get the Wall Street Journal delivered to me or pick it up on the way to work. :wink2:
  17. 705red

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    This current contract was never about the hourly wage for me. I was looking at keeping my current medical and looking down the road towards retirement. While split raises suck we as employees are guaranteed to go up $4 an hour putting drivers over $32 an hour. Now add in medical and pension this is a great living.

    Last january was the busiest after xmas i have ever seen, we hired 3 new drivers just in the first week because the volume was still almost peak like. Lets hope for the same after this peak.

    I believe that we will have a great peak, more people will probably ship gifts this year than in years past because its cheaper than the airfare for a family of 5 to fly cross country. I think more people will stay home this year looking to save that cost. imo
  18. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    Taking less is one thing, giving up is another. I know what it`s like to be laid off and have to go back in the building while others were still driving 12 hour days. Whenever we have had a layoff since,this was the first time in years and it was political rather than economic, I refuse to work excess OT,sign up for extra work, and I file based on the company not attempting to reduce overtime while there is a layoff.
  19. rod

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    I say if it comes down to making concessions do it different this time. Start at the Top and let them make concessions first. How many times have you heard of the little guy taking a cut only to read a few days later about some CEO getting a multi-million dollar bonus under his Golden Parachute clause. Power to the people!!! There is a storm coming Sara Conner.!!! Take it to the streets.!!! The Revolution is coming!!!............................sorry - I better go take my meds.:peaceful:
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    Lets hope!!!