UPS Egress Citations, Settlement Could Put Logistics Firms on Notice

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    UPS Egress Citations, Settlement Could Put Logistics Firms on Notice - Bloomberg

    What becomes of a set of repeat safety citations issued to United Parcel Service Inc. over a common logistics hazard could send ripples through the warehousing and package handling industry, safety experts say.

    The Occupational Safety and Health Administration accused Atlanta-based UPS of repeatedly obstructing exit routes at its Sharonville, Ohio, distribution center and issued two repeat egress citations. The company faces $208,603 in proposed penalties for the citations issued Dec.17.

    This isn’t the first time the company has been accused of putting workers’ lives in danger for the very same issue at the very same location.
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  2. If at least one grievance was filed on this issue why didn't the labor manager and the local hear the grievance(s) and address these chronic violations before they got to this point?
    Did the local file charges on the labor mgr for refusing to hear grievances? I heard there was at least one filed.
    In the above article the IBT reportedly said they care about worker's health and safety so is someone trying to find out why grievances on safety are being suppressed in this situation?
    Wasn't the UPS/IBT Safety Committee all over this problem?
    @Bubblehead ?
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    The hypocrisy runs deep on both sides of the so-called "Safety Committees"....

    From what I heard, all of this could have been avoided if someone, on either side of the fence, would have done their job.
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