UPS employee charged with stealing $100K worth of pills from packages

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    UPS employee charged with stealing $100K worth of pills from packages - Washington Examiner

    A United Parcel Service employee was slapped with a drug dealing charge after police accused him of stealing prescription pills from mail packages at a distribution center in Fairfax, according to documents filed in district court in Alexandria.

    James Christopher Curtis, 23, of Springfield, was charged with one count of possession with the intent to distribute oxycodone, a controlled substance found in the prescription drug OxyContin. Authorities said the tablets have a street value in Northern Virginia of about $65 each or about $40 per tablet when purchased in large quantities.
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    Put him in jail, he gives the rest of us a black eye.
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    The theft of prescription drugs at UPS is rampant. Employees(union, non union and management)get caught often enough at my building.

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    Oxycontin is the poor man's heroin. If word got out that UPS (and maybe FDX?) drivers deliver Oxycontin, then UPS would replace Taxi driving as one of the world's most dangerous job.