UPS Employee Dies in Wreck

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    UPS Employee Dies in Wreck - Bolivar Commercial

    Wilbert Woods, 46, of Greenville was traveling west on Mississippi Highway 8 yesterday when he lost control of the UPS truck he was driving and struck a utility pole.
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    This seems like a very bad trend this year. We have had several bad fatalities involving upsers and other drivers this year and its only mid june. Please everyone must understand that in less than 1 second your whole life could be changed for ever!
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    Prayers and thoughts for his family and fellow UPSers
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    my thoughts go out to his family and friends , kiss you wife and kids good bye everyday.because you never know! this is a dangerous job!!!:closedeye
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    It is happening a little too much, I agree 705. This is only a job and there is no reason for fatalities!
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    Wilbert is my uncle. The irony of all of this is still too much. He was preceded in death by another brother who persihed similarly in a single car accident on the highways of Mississippi. The families are still in shock and disbelief. I am proud to have known him and proud to know so many within UPS loved him dearly during his more than 25 years of service. A great man he was. We had just visited with him only days earlier as he dropped his daughter here in Chicago to spend the summer with us on a Friday. He was gone by the following Monday, just two whole days later. Thanks for your prayers and support. We the extended family do need them and appreciate them. His wife and children need them most of all. Those who are local, do all you can to comfort the family of your dear departed friend.
    God Bless