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    Any UPS employees aware of a class action lawsuit filed by UPS drivers against UPS claiming they were taking money out of their paychecks to invest in some stocks; owe back pay; owe unpaid overtime.

    Apparently, some UPS employees in California filed a lawsuit mainly on behalf of 20,000 drivers claiming unpaid overtime back in 2003. In 2006 the settlement came to $87 million. The final payout was to be in June of 2009.

    Does anyone seriously know if UPS employees in Texas or any other state was included in this lawsuit?

    Does anyone know who is the UPS manager of the legal department? What is the phone number to the UPS Financial Service Center in Roswell, GA?
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    the managers name is *()*)) $$^%&^%&^%&^

    His phone is #@# %^% &&**

    hope that helps.
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    cachsux, thats good stuff!!
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    Ask Integrity.
    She is real polite.
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    No Piggybacking. You will need to file your own lawsuit.