UPS Employee Shot!!!

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    Glad he will be Ok. I was looking at the blog of criminals recently arrested. Some scary looking individuals there.
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    Bummer. Hope the employee will recover quickly. Thank God he was not killed.:peaceful: That's the second shooting in the last month.
  4. I work at the center in Riveria Beach. The news said it was a driver waiting to go to work but actually it was an unloader and he wasn't being robbed. The three suspents drove up and shot 10 rounds into the car,so yes he very lucky he didn't get killed. They had the police there this morning for extra protection. I guess that will only last a week.
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    Don't be fooled, just because it has the word "beach" in it doesn't mean Riviera Beach is a nice place. It's a pretty rough suburb just north of West Palm Beach. The building is new by UPS standards (a little over 10 years old), huge and sort of resembles a prison with the 12' concrete walls surrounding it.

    Not trying to make a joke, but with the new gun law in Florida, maybe he should have brought his gun to work. I hope that he is ok and recovers.
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    Try 18 years old. I still have the grand opening shirt they gave out in 1990.
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    I feel for this guy and his family no one family deserves that, I will pray for them.
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    No it doesn't seem that way does it? 8:00 am... preload getting out,drivers coming in yet they pick this guy to try and rob????
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    sounds like they are targeting drivers. I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out to be an ex-employee or an ex-dhl driver trying to take revenge. Then again it could be a wall street banker trying to steal some more money from tax payers. I'm sure he get off with a slap on the wrist if it is a wall street banker though.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    This story sounds fishy like there is more to it than it sounds. Seem unlikely that 3 guys approached a guy out of nowhere, then run to an apartment complex where the victim lives?? Give it another 24 hours...more facts will surface. Just don't think it was random.
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    or a female and drugs
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    This sounds like something that would happen in our parking lot, thats why I don't sit in the car. I hope our employee recovers, but there does sound like their is more to this story.
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    Gambliing ??
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    We are not safe anywhere anymore. Our world as we know it is in a bad way. We better all start praying.
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    JW, you are right, we aren't safe anymore. It's sad. We are just trying to make a living and take care of our families. Like the majority of the population.

    Speaking of which, Tooner you still doing ok with your 'hood? Are they behaving (co.)?
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    I've spent many nights at WPBFL center taking a nap during a turn around an felt at ease inside the property because there is a security shack at the front entrance. But outside many UPS Hubs and large centers, the residential areas are usally low income housing next to industrial parks or major highways, arteries and railroads. Thats to be expected. But what I'v noticed is the security guard contracters should be upgraded. Hubs employ multiple guards on duty and seem to enforce procedures more thouroughly and have well lit parking lots. Large centers may have a guard or two, however many times I have pulled up with a load and guess what, SLEEPING. Many of these security guards are paid minimum wage, are just off the boat and can barely speak english. They are not a real deterrent to the bad guy. Then you got small centers and satellites where there's no security at all such as Stuart, Ft Pierce, Coco Beach and Daytona. At 3:00-4:00 in the morning, your pretty much on your own. Unfortunatly a tire iron won't do much good against a gun. If ever faced with such a dilemma my first instinct would be to fling the gunman my keys and say take it, it's all yours.
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    First, I hope he and family will be OK, but there is a lot of interesting events in the story in the paper.........A red herring......
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    Nobody gets shot like that for no reason.:knockedout:
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    Are you kidding? :dissapointed: Random crime happens all the time. What part of that story made you think there was a reason for it other than what was stated?
    "Investigators believe the three men tried to rob the UPS employee around 8 a.m."
    "The suspects fled to the nearby Stonybrook Apartment complex, where police say the UPS employee lives." Ok maybe this is suspicious but could be purely coincidental. They were in a stolen vehicle, and up to no good.
    I would be interested in a follow up to this story if there is one.
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