UPS Fails To See Cheer This Holiday

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    UPS Fails To See Cheer This Holiday - Barrons

    UPS didn’t even come off as having been as optimistic about the end of the recession as its rival FedEx (FDX). Even the upcoming holidays aren’t expected to be any real panacea. UPS didn’t give any real insight into its expectations for the holiday, except to cite forecasts that said retailers are going to tightly manage inventories, meaning fewer packages to tote from manufacturers and distributors to their stores, and the consumer can be expected to evidence some conservative spending plans. Even the prospect that online stores could increase the opportunities to get items shipped free hasn’t changed the dynamic.

    UPS said it expected to add 17% fewer seasonal workers this holiday period.
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    Supposedly, our district manager has said that we are not hiring any seasonal drivers this peak season. Merry F*****' Xmas to you too! I already work until 9/10:00pm now, is it going to be midnight at peak?
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    Depends on how well you can utilize three helpers? :knockedout:
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    We didn't hire any extra drivers last year either. Every route was out 12 hours and bringing in packages missed. We had trailers sitting in the yard that showed up in december that didn't get delivered until january.

    Although we had 2 natural disasters. Mega amounts in snow in an area that typically recieves little to no snow. And the subsequent floods when that snow melted.
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    This is one of the worst econonomic times this country has ever seen. UPS knows this and yes there is nothing to cheer about. So What! We will continue to lose jobs in this country and consumer spending will follow the down trend. Business will also because people have no money! Its the new frugal America. Too bad UPS isnt more creative because they could easily do some type of Holiday shipping promotions for people and business folks but that would be thinking outside of the BIG BROWN BOX. People like deals so make them feel like they are getting one. The Post Office is fooling everyone with their promo so why not UPS?:wink2:
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    I *heard* Friday that we're already training seasonal Feeder drivers.
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    No "hearing" needed,confirmed here.
    I feel bad for you package guys. At least I know I`ll be done at 60 hours regardless,not that it gets to that point.
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    Package is limited to 60 hours a week also---- unless that has changed since I retired to.
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    it has not.

    'course, that is 60 hours on the clock - no more time allowed behind the wheel. you could work 60 hours mon-thur and then be sent out to jump all day friday. :happy2:

    that would be a very expensive jumper of course... but a very effective one.

    and yes, for those nit picky enough to do the math, I realize 60 hours in 4 days would be 15 each which is not allowed. I say, it was a joke son...