UPS, FedEx employees still delivering packages in record cold


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UPS, FedEx employees still delivering packages in record cold - 25 News

The Mt. Hope-Funks Grove Fire Protection District in McLean posted a photo on Facebook of their “friendly UPS delivery guy” out delivering in the cold, bundled up for the severe wind chills.

The UPS website lists suspended service in some parts of Iowa, Michigan and Minnesota due to the severe cold.

Safely delivering on our service commitments is UPS’s highest priority. UPS has suspended service in some areas because of the extreme weather caused by the Polar Vortex, and those zip codes are posted on Our drivers and local management teams also make decisions based on the conditions in the communities they serve. This is especially important for urgent deliveries that include critical healthcare items, medical devices, medicines, and equipment needed to maintain heating and electrical systems. If we must suspend service due to cold weather, we will resume service as soon as conditions permit,” said a UPS spokesperson. “UPS operates in all kinds of weather in all parts of the world in places that include Alaska and Canada as well as Dubai and Death Valley. Helping our people provide service is a matter of training.”