UPS, FedEx prepare ahead of Tropical Storm Gustav

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    UPS, FedEx prepare ahead of Tropical Storm Gustav - Yahoo

    Shippers UPS Inc. and FedEx Corp. said Thursday they are making plans to implement contingency procedures in the event Tropical Storm Gustav hits the U.S.

    UPS spokeswoman Susan Rosenberg said the company also has a meteorology group, based in Louisville, Ky., monitoring the situation. Contingency teams are in place to deal with the storm if it hits, she added. Facilities are currently operating normally.
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    Hurricane Gustav
    [​IMG]Service Update
    UPS is preparing for Hurricane Gustav, which is currently projected to make landfall in the Gulf Coast. Once the storm arrives, it may affect pickup, delivery, and On-Call Pickup Service, as well as the scheduled hours at UPS Customer Centers.

    UPS will continue to monitor the storm and provide updates if necessary.
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    We have already started the process of pullling the team together on Thursday August 28th.
    I.E., West Region Operations, Customer Communications and other groups are already crafting responses and setting up calls for this weekend and (unfornately Labor Day) to plan operations and commnications to our customers.