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    Hi my fiance has been working for UPS for about 3 years as a package handler/and Driver in Delaware. We have been commuting and have lived apart/separate careers for over 2 years now and we're finally planning to be married this fall. He told me about 3 months ago, when he proposed, he was up for a promotion (or rather he is going to take the opportunity to move up to Feeder Driver) which will offer him more pay and opportunity to start over at his new salary out in New Jersey where I live and so we can finally start our lives together. He told me he needs to pass the test for the CDL license with UPS and he can relocate starting over fresh with a CDL and as a FEEDER driver making over ($80,000-$100K a year) I truly hope he is being honest with me. Additionally, he told me he still won't be "picked" for another 5 to 6 months until he can even take the test for the CDL to go for this feeder position! Is this true? I sometimes wonder if this is just a way to delay moving out to New Jersey with me to finally start our lives here (together) because he is not ready. Is it true that UPS selects one guy per month to go out for the CDL testings and that indeed he could be Guy #8 in line for Feeder? Why would it take so long? Also, I noticed he had been given a pretty large book to study and it seems to me that UPS is serious about passing the test and who will get the job for Feeder Driver (which is great) and it seems very rigorous to me so I can't help but notice he has not even studied a single page of the material given to him yet and when I try to help him study I am shocked to learn he doesnt know a thing from the material given!! I fear he is not taking this seriously enough and thinks he can simply pass. Should I be worried? Is there or not a written test for CDL license for this position and how difficult is it? What does the Feeder Driver tests/CDL entail/involve? He doesnt even seem to know! When you pass a CDL test obviously you are given a CDL license right, but does UPS give another form of ID or license once he gets the Feeder position, indicating that he is a Feeder? Thanks for any help!
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    If a job is available and if quailfied he will be able to bid that job and the money is better, but he'll also have to wait because the job will be posted and bid by seniority. The written test is easy but the pre-trip is a bitch, he'll have to know everything about that equipment. Goood luck!!
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    Jeez, don't get married till you get past these trust issues! If you don't trust him now....
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    How do I give you more than 1 like on that one,brother?

    Rianna, if you're even half as worried as you come across then DO NOT GET MARRIED until he is established in his job position, and you as well. You are in this 50/50, right?
    Feeder isn't just a decent check. It's crappy hours. Long hours. Bouncing around when you're the newbie. NO summer vacations,etc. But if he sticks with it it will pay off in the long run. The same advice goes to your relationship.
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    Where do you start with this one?

    Over and Cach pretty much nailed it here, tho. If you have these issues NOW, it ain't gonna get better, kid.

    First of all, he said he could TRANSFER to NJ? In most parts of the country, you can't do that with UPS just because there's an opening where you want to go. In most parts, if he quits his present position (on good terms), he MAY be able to get REHIRED at a different location, only to start over.

    Second, UPS is like this, that is, they can tell you you're hired, then put you on hold for days/weeks/months, maybe evern years, just waiting for THEY, THEMSELVES to make up their mind. If he already works for UPS in DE, he already knows the routine, that they can constantly hold out the "carrot", with you/him never being able to grab it.

    Another thing, if he doesn't want to study now, you ain't gonna force him. Does this indicate another underlieing problem? That maybe he's not motivated? Think about it.

    Something else, if UPS DOES send him to school, UPS does NOT give him a CDL upon graduation. He merely passed the school. It is up to HIM to go get a CDL. Now, UPS may provide the vehicle necessary to take the CDL test but you don't automatically start driving for UPS after school.

    Like was also said, if he's this new, he's gonna have s*** for hours, routes, bids, etc. Can HE put up with that? Can YOU put up with that? Yes, the pay is great, after he makes full progression, but the sacrifices are many. It's gonna take years to get what you or he may consider a good bid. Can you or him put up with that for so long? I worked in feeders for 30 of my 32 years at UPS and almost all of those years was at night or sleeper team, which was away from home a week at a time.

    Good luck to both of you. Feel free to ask any more questions you may have or better yet, have HIM ask these questions.
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    cach, I hooked you up by giving him a "like".
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    Thank you greatly for all the wonderful advice you have each given me. Is there a supervisor he can speak to about all of this to get some one on one advice? I feel like he is not hearing or seeing the bigger side of things and yes this concerns me. I don't know if he is being mislead or if he just hears from the other guys at work that "Feeders make a sh** load of money" and just assumes when he gets pulled he'll be able to transfer to NJ and immediately be okay financially making his Feeder salary. I am beginning to realize this is not so. Recently, a big guy supervisor approached him and told him he has one of the highest scores in his hub right now for what he's doing and they all think of him so highly. He is an extreme hard worker and they see that in him. They offered him a "Supervisor" position, he denied because he said he is waiting to be pulled for FEEDER so he can make more money and move to New Jersey to be with/marry me. He said the Supervisor agreed Feeders do make more money but I do not believe they told him this. I would think they would have encouraged him more and gave him better advice since they think so highly of him. I thought a Supervisor position would have been great and would have more benefits/stocks more "home time"... My fiance says no and to just trust him. He says he'll always be home for dinner and as a family-man/father as a Feeder and bringing home near $90-$100K a year for a nice Jersey home out here and not to worry. I can't help but to worry when I ask him a simple question, which I feel I have every right to know since we're planning to marry and spend the rest of our lives together, he doesnt even know the clear black and white factual answers to. Doesnt UPS give there employees Job Listings/promotion listings to internal employees with this important info on it so they know what they're salary is going to possibly be starting at in black and white? Hence, isnt there a Personnel or Human Resource Dept or someone with the Union that can give black and white material of what going for a Feeder Driver entails to an employee interested? Like especially is the TRANSFER option is available, and info on how long it takes for the position/salary to be effective, if he'll be on "HOLD" for a long time, what the hours will be like, overtime, routes, benefits, etc. Also, what is a bid? Does he have to put a bid in for the position once it is offered? I do not feel like I should be doing this research for him and do feel he should KNOW all this already, this is his career and his/our future were talking about, but I love him very much and care about him and our well being, happiness and future together very much as well and I just want him to be more educated so he or we're both not in for a shocker before it's too late. Sounds like that is what will happen. He disagrees. I love him so much but I think he's not "life smart" "career smart" and that concerns me yes and no, I don't know if I can handle that but then again I love him. He's my very, very BEST FRIEND and I want the best for him and I don't want him to sell him self short in life. He deserves the best and I want that for him and us. I want us to be happy and this is what he thinks will make him happy and us happy but I have a bad feeling about it all because he seems to know nothing about it when I ask him simple questions to what I think he should have factual answers to about his career with UPS. It stuns me he is so "in the dark" that's stupidity to me and I hate to say that to him but I care for him to know especially since he has a MASTERS degree and amazing talent as an artist and in so many areas, he sells him self short but working for UPS is what makes him happy and I need to support that as he supports my career here, but I pray he's got the "FACTS" before he makes a huge mistake.
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    Yikes, I don't even know where to start....

    You think he can make $100k AND be home for dinner every night???? If he's pulling in $100k, he's working A LOT of OT.

    Transfers pretty much DON'T happen.

    Bids? He's a new guy with no seniority. He will be taking the garbage no one else wants for MANY years.

    Pay structure is clearly outlined in the contract. Yes, there is HR dept that could help him.

    Feeders is a good job, but it'll be YEARS till he sees everything you want. What's that Masters degree for, and why isn't he using it?

    Good luck to both of you!
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    That is so much easier to read.

    Your and his expectation on the family life that UPS will provide is going to lead you down the path to divorce.

    I think he is telling you what you want to hear and you are probably right to question it.
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    Thanks for all your responses. I'm concerned now he won't and cannot transfer to one of the North New Jersey hubs now like you said and that I have been reading in other threads. I can't believe he doesnt know this and I seem to be looking into all this more then he does and it's HIS COMPANY/CAREER!! This is a problem. He thinks he will get pulled soon, being there's a only a few guys on the list ahead of him, and once he gets pulled shortly after he'll be moving out to me in North New Jersey, transferring to like the Parsippany, New Jersey hub as a tractor trailer feeder driver immediately and all is just going to fall in place just like that so he promises and promises me. Sounds to me he's being nieve and doesnt have his facts together and this is not as close to reality as he/we think. Sounds like this can take more like YEARS rather then what he thinks a few months. I agree, he could be telling me just what I want to hear and getting what he wants to be at UPS is not that easy and not as close to grasp as he believes and he wants me to believe.
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    He has a degree in Graphic Design/Illustration art. He is an amazing artist with extreme talent. I just wish he would realize it. Thanks Over9Five!
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    Rianna, you may not know the answer to this question now, but your husband should be able to answer it for you. What local of the union(teamsters) is he working for now? When you have the answer, post it.

    Rianna, you do realize that you pretty much posted the identity of your fiancee on this webpage. Are you comfortable with that and just as importantly, is he?
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    First off feeder drivers work off the seniority list. He can bid a roite when one is available. Most of these guys i know have 20 years in. Second, sups make very good money. The more years of service increases your salary though. Also stock and bonuses help. Good luck in a transfer,even if he can you lose all seniority. He would have a better chance transferring as a sup
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    Do you offer a "books on tape" version? :)
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    I have been a pkg driver for UPS since 1989. I am currently going thru the process of becoming a feeder driver. Im assuming the book he has is just the written test that u take online at the DMV. That part was easy but does require some studying. The hard part is preparing for the pre-trip and road test that u must take to complete the CDL process. Ive been workin my but off for 4 days with the local feeder supervisor and im stressed out. It is a huge amount of info to memorize and apply. He is telling the truth about the salary and it is a promotion of sorts in my eyes at least. Im concerned about getting use to the all night driving and the responsibility of pulling doubles. I think im just resisting change tho. Im kinda set in my ways. Tell him i said good luck and good luck to u too.
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    Greetings: I am a former Independent Contract owner operator commercial driver for Fed Ex Custom Critical. I've always heard how well UPS Commercial Tractor Trailer drivers are compensated and taken care of while on the road. I currently have a Class A CDL from the state of Texas with HazMat, Tanker, Double/Triples and Passenger endorsement. I currently reside in the Houston Texas area and I am looking to start a commercial driving career with UPS. Does UPS hire qualified CDL drivers who have not been previously employed by UPS? Is there a contact person at a UPS Houston Hub that I can contact to apply for a CDL driving position. Are there CDL Commercial driving employment opportunities that are open but not on the website. I've looked on UPS' official website and I've never seen an opening in the Houston area, however I always see CDL commercial drivers in the Houston area driving tractor trailers. Does anyone have any advise