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  1. spif91

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    Curious how many people on here pull trip's like I do here in Oklahoma and what states allow them besides Okla and on the turnpikes in Kansas?????
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  2. Feederdrivermack

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    doubles all I do here :)
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    We can pull them in Oregon on most state highways and freeways and I know you can't pull 3 in the state of Washington.
  4. spif91

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    Heard there were 11 states that trips could be pulled as long as it's a 4 lane.....
  5. RockyRogue

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    Colorado allows it. I'm not aware of any restrictions. I even saw big rigs--don't remember UPS doing it but its possible--pulling two 48' trailers. THAT was something to behold. -Rocky
  6. Mike57

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    I don't work for UPS yet. Hoping too! Ex DHL driver here . Indiana, amd Ohio across the toll road for sure .My buddy pulls 3 across everyday.
    Illinois just double 28fter's , But Illinois is suppose to raise the speed limit for trucks .
  7. City Driver

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    they are called turbpike doubles...i dont think they are legal in many states...the dollys have 8 wheels instead of 4


    and thats a UPS set of triples behind it

    here in indiana, triples are only allowed on the toll road.....ive pulled doubles and wouldnt really want to pull triples
  8. wrecker

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    We (not me, not worthy yet) pull double 45' trailers here, out through NY on I-90.

    Same dolly as the 28' doubles.
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  10. City Driver

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    oh well i wouldnt really know, they arent legal in my state ive never seen a set of vans before except in pictures

    i just figured thats what the 8 wheel dollys were for
  11. RockyRogue

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    Yep! That's exactly what it looks like. I was awed the first time I saw it on I-25 south of Denver near Colorado Springs as a Target Greatland distribution run. Again, I never saw UPS pulling two 48' that I can recall. There are a couple posters here that either work for UPS as feeder / package car drivers in Colorado OR have family that do. I'll yield to them on UPS' practices if they know.

    Sounds right on all counts. I read a post on BC by a feeder driver in Colorado that mentioned triples. This was a couple years ago, by the way. S/he said that a driver could decline to pull triples but I don't recall if there was a weather factor included in that. Regardless, I have enough trouble driving a sedan. I can't imagine driving a semi, never mind one pulling doubles or trips! lol. -Rocky
  12. Sammie

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    Not legal in Wyoming and parts of Kansas...
  13. wrecker

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    Never seen ups double 48' either.
  14. Sammie

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    They were probably 45'ers.
  15. bluehdmc

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    No triples or double 48' (or are the 45') in NJ, they do run double 48' on the NY Thruway, UPS only seems to run them on the I-90 portion, (the thruway is I-87 to Albany, then it makes a left turn and becomes I-90), they used to run them from the NJ line to Albany, they use the single axle or 4 wheel dolly. I think they are the 847xxx trailers. They have the pintle hitch on the back like the 28' pups do.
  16. RockyRogue

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    Interesting. Did not know this about Wyoming. I would think that with all that 'wide open country,' it would be legal. Wyoming of all places, I would think it would be legal.

    I can't tell the difference! lol. I'm guessing its the trailer numbers that tell the tale? -Rocky
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    Wyoming allows "rocky sets". A 45' and a 28'. Nevada, Idaho, and Utah all allow triple pups and double 45's.
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