UPS finally recognized as a player in the Logistics industry

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    As I go through life, I meet many people that are in positions higher up in the transportation and logistics business.

    I usually mention that I am with UPS and the number of years as an employee.

    Every single person comments on how much they admire UPS especially in the last 10 years.

    They say they did not think much of UPS 15 - 20 years ago but that UPS has changed and really become a player in the Logistics industry.

    Just another point of view to think about as we scurry about like ants in the vast collective called UPS.
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    My son graduates in December with a Bachelor's in Global Supply Chain Operations (Logistics). UPS, Bombardier and Nova Bus are among the companies he is looking at for possible employment.
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    I guess we run in different circles. The people I meet who find out I work for UPS just make fun of the stupid logistics song in the commercial.
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    It used be "we run tightest ship in the shipping business." " We love logistics" and in fine print "sometimes we fail to meet commitment times."
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    That was the purpose of this post.

    Internally, we look at how the company's direction affects us.

    These people are decision makers on transportation and owners of small businesses.

    They see UPS as being innovative and stronger and impressed that UPS turned things around.
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    I know you are a good father and a good father would demand that his good son work for another company besides ups. You can take it from here brother.
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    They believe what they read in the Wall Street Journal.

    They make small talk with an old timer.

    Thanks for sharing though.
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    It would be more aptly called compost.
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    Some people prefer to remain ignorant of anything outside their own little world, not that there is anything wrong with that.
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    First off, great song!!!
    I have never heard it before.
    Thank You!!!

    Secondly, you know that this isn't me by virtue of my vocation.
    I make plenty enough money to do what I deem relevant, if only for a short period of time.
    From what I saw, that woman had a nice view.

    What you don't realize is... you aren't much different from the women in the video.
    She is sitting in your chair while you continue to work for free.
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    1) One's vocation (at least any job at UPS) does not define a person. God forbid that it does, that is not much of a person.
    2) Money is irrelevant - it appears you missed the point.
    3) Again, you seem to have missed the point. The view is in her mind and the way she perceives the world.
    4) UPS does not define my world, I make money here. My mind is freed from the chair.

    Thanks for this reply ... it gives me insight to your psyche and how you perceive the world and place yourself in it.
    It explains a lot.
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    I am honored that you have taken such an interest in my psyche.
    I appreciate your candor.
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    I really don't have any real interest but I'll play "tit-for-tat".

    And with you, I know you always have to have the last word just like "he who cannot be mentioned".
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    Having the last word is overrated.
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    So ... slept on the couch a few times?
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    I thought we were having fun?
    A philosophical debate, if you will.
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    You call this a philosophical discussion?
    Hoke is just a corporate shill posting pro UPS propaganda trying to hold onto his meaningless non productive UPS job/career.

    All his fancy smancy educational degrees, decades of dedicated service and hob nobbin' with the makers and shakers of industry, mean nothing.
    OK, all sarcasm aside.
    Even though Hoke and I have never met and we are on the opposite side of the spectrum in the machine called UPS, philosophically we seem to share the concept that UPS is not the defining meaning in our life.
    Financial the arrangement has worked out well for me.
    Hopefully, it has worked out well for Hoke, and all UPSer's that keep remembering why they choose to work at this job/career.

  20. Jackburton

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    I don't see the big deal about trying to define yourself around UPS. If I was to work somewhere else would I be a born again worker? It's just a job, note I didn't say career, that supplies me with means to do what really matters in my life. I don't hate coming in but I could say the same about several careers if they paid me the same wages/benefits. The point is I just don't put to much of my personal life into this place, perhaps a lack of loyalty is my problem.

    What others perceive of how UPS is ran from the outside matters little me as long as the company does well, we'll be doing well. Other than that I couldn't care less what happens or how this place is run. I get paid to follow instructions and perform my small part in the machine. When this cogs teeth get worn down and start slipping in the machine I'll leave with no remorse of what I did while here and appreciate the money I was able to accrue while here, as that's the only thing I'm here for.