UPS Freight Adds LNG Tractors

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    Purchase supports enterprise's sustainability goals

    UPS Freight® (NYSE: UPS), one of the nation's largest heavy freight carriers, announced today the addition of 64 liquefied natural gas (LNG) tractors to its fleet. The tractors, which are based in Harrisburg, Pa., join UPS's worldwide fleet of more than 2,500 natural gas vehicles.

    "Even though UPS has used LNG tractors in package operations for more than a decade, it's still a relatively new fuel for trucking," said Willie Rivero, UPS Freight vice president-fleet. "By adding these tractors to the UPS Freight fleet, we are aligning ourselves with the enterprise's commitment to use natural gas as a reliable alternative to traditional fuel."

    The new tractors replace older generation diesel-engine power units and will be used on designated routes in UPS Freight's less-than-truckload (LTL) operations. They are expected to reduce tailpipe emissions and average 600 miles to the tank.

    UPS operates one of the largest private alternative fuel fleets in the U.S. and it will bring the total of alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles worldwide to nearly 5,500. The UPS fleet includes all-electric, hybrid electric, hydraulic hybrid, compressed natural gas, LNG, propane, biomethane and light-weight fuel-saving composite body vehicles. UPS's goal is to drive one billion miles in its alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles by the end of 2017.
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    Kind of funny this came out so late they've been running lng tractors for a couple months now. Think they have freightliners. Wonder how they are compared to the Mack.