ups freight contract sucks to many open areas

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    on the freight side, union can not control subcontracting!!!! and ups wants to create a new line haul drivers[LHD] at lower pay. I have been there just under 3 years and 5 of us are extra board and out of Wisconsin. We have a mini hub and lot of are freight is one way for some of are runs and they say that's why they want this new division and if there is 2way runs it will be converted back to us if they have sufficient to constitute a full time job; and must occur for at least 4 consecutive weeks to be converted the big word is SUFFICIENT !!!!! ups is creating 1 way freight subcontractor been running into our terminal with freight and back out with freight but we filled out grievances when we find out about it and union says INSUFFICIENT data and we will change language in new contract!! Instead create new line haul division and sounds like these new LHD drivers will be working more then some of us extra board Union also said they will monitor subs and the LHD drivers sounds like a bunch of crap Just look how they did with subcontractors I only worked about 110 days in 2012 because we have 3 subs every day pulling out our small terminal and was laid off but went to the dock till more freight comes back to us extra drivers This is the start of Schneider transport {UNION}vs Schneider National NONE UNION and now! no more Schneider Transport UNION drivers ARE ALL GONE:sick::sad-very: