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  1. Casper

    Casper O/O

    Does anyone have any information on the requirements (equipment and driver) for O/O's leasing on to UPS Freight? Also looking for compensation information.

    I noticed on the website that they are looking for Southeastern Regional O/O's and since I live in Florida now I thought I should look into it.

    I would consider a company job but I really do not want to sell my truck since it is brand new (and paid for). I bought it when I was living up north, but because of a serious illness with a close family member I had to move to Florida.

    Any information that anyone has to share please pass it along to me.

    Thanks for your help.

  2. Casper

    Casper O/O

    Man, almost 80 views and no replies at all.

    That sucks. :sad-very:
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  4. pickup

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    Whaddya expect Casper? You're a ghost , no one can see you and those who do don't want to be your friend. (If you remember the Harvey Cartoons, then you'll know what I am talking about.

    Seriously, Like jimjamesjiminyglich stated, the ups freight forum here isn't too active . And those that are here maybe aren't too thrilled at the thought of owner operators cutting into their work. A lot of ups drivers floating around in browncafe but we don't know enough(or anything) to help you. Sorry we let your post go so long without a response. I don't check every forum.
  5. Casper

    Casper O/O

    Thanks JimJimmyJames, I have been asking questions on that board too, as well as OOIDA's board.

    I know the cartoons well, pickup. They are some of my favorites. Its where my name comes from and from my mom, but that is a whole other story. Maybe I will post it in the name thread.

    Back to the more serious stuff. I can understand where current UPS drivers are coming from on that. I wouldn't mind driving a company truck, though not 100% on that. I have never driven for anyone else besides me.

    However, I have a truck that I bought and paid for with my blood, sweat, and tears (just don't tell anyone, they'll just tease me :wink2:). I really would like to get a chance to drive it and make some cash with it. It's new and setup just the way that I want it. I probably should have waited to buy one, but I could not pass up the deal that I got.
  6. Casper its not that we are trying to be deliberately rude, its just frustrating to watch the company keep contracting out much of our work when we have many good, qualified, ups freight drivers laid off across the system. I do understand about the truck though and wish you well. Gave mine up about 7 years ago now. Have to admit that I don't miss it though. Pay checks are bigger and none is going back to the truck. Just do the job, take their money, and go figure out how to spend it!
  7. Casper

    Casper O/O

    I talked with recruiting at UPS Freight today for O/O's. The guy did not seem to want to discuss anything on the phone so they are sending me their info packet. I did manage to get the base pay (.89 cpm) and the current fuel surcharge (.22.5 cpm). I hope I like the other stuff in the packet because .89 just will not cut it.

    I do not have a truck payment and my truck is new, but trucks wear out. I have to be able to save for a replacement and make a decent living at the same time.
  8. aws316

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    Did they say, or does that packet say, how many miles you'll average? 89cpm isn't too bad for a lease op, is it? considering your truck's paid for...

    What are your operating costs for your truck per mile? That fuel surcharge will probably only pay half of your fuel.
  9. Casper

    Casper O/O

    They said an average of 2500-3000 miles per week for solo drivers, 4000-5000 miles per team.

    As far as my operating costs goes, just because my truck is paid for does not mean that I can operate cheaper. Trucks wear out, so I would have to save to replace it, though it will be long time before I am going to have to replace my truck. (HOPEFULLY, knocking on wood)

    I will post the info from the packet as soon as I receive it.
  10. PADriver5

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    It costs about .75 cpm to operate a truck. Therefore at .89 cpm you will make about 14 cpm. WOW! Sign me up!

    You can go to work for JB Hunt and make .43 cpm. with NO headaches of being the owner of the truck. Why would anyone want to do that?
  11. Casper

    Casper O/O

    First of all it does not cost me .75 cpm to run my truck. Second you are not adding in the fuel surcharge.

    Why would I not want to work for JB Hunt? Well, I do NOT like junk trucks, I like to have an APU (or be able to idle), I like having SPACE in a truck, and I do NOT like being told I HAVE to run Northeast or Northwest during the
    winter months. That is just to list a few. Are those enough reasons?

    You should not make general snippy remarks like that unless you know someones situation.