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    Can a Local Cartage driver bump a Road Driver out of his bid run cause the TM said there is a Lay off at the terminal? The Road Driver who was bumped was told he is now ahead of all casuals on the dock. Originally the local cartage driver was hired as a Road Driver but transferred to City after about 6 months on the Road board now the TM says he can bump back to road because there is a layoff???? This doesn't seem right. The RDr's run was not eliminated the LC guy was not getting 40 hrs a week so TM let him bump the RD out of his run.
  2. NikDiesel

    NikDiesel Inmate #STO142-034

    Article 5
    Section 1. Seniority

    (f). The following shall apply to casual employees:

    (v) A full-time employee’s seniority shall prevail over a casual employee’s seniority in case of layoff.
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    The road driver is not a casual he's full time just like the local cartage driver. I've never worked for a company that local guys can bump into road or vice verse.
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    Who is employed longer? I would think that person has SENIOR:happy2:ITY!
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    So, the Local Cartage guy is laid-off...

    And he has company seniority over the < bottom > guy on the Road Board...

    What's the beef?

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    Can you have a layoff if casuals are working? If the Road Driver's run was not canceled and the city driver who did bump was getting 40 hrs a week plus then how can you consider it a layoff ?