UPS freight SAFETY photo contest

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  1. Sweet , nothing but safety related please.

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  2. would like to see the service records on this trailer.
  3. coolant leaking drive it driver....or go home.

  4. smoking at the fueling
  5. we cool our dock with a window air condition. LOL

  6. [​IMG]

    dont fix it throw it in the back
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    Not really sure what you are trying to accomplish. The first picture of the trailer is funny.The other pictures of the trailers does show some safety concerns. The picture of our customer's crushed freight is not very funny.
  8. The first one was probably dropped by a shifter. takes some skill to flatten one out like that. Did that peeing guy do it because he was in a hurry to empty his bladder?
  9. Show the members here why freight isnt making money, What are you trying to accomplish, by posting your reply here.:surprised:
  10. Here is a good one.....I'lll tell the story about the photo later.
  11. one for you parcel guys.

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    I understand the photo would show why we are not making money. Not sure how customers or potential customers, that do browse this site, would feel about that one photo. I do agree that some changes in the freight division would help us to make money. The example in the photo is a case of poor packaging and with some awareness this customer might change they way they pack their merchandise.
  13. JimJimmyJames

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    Maybe the photo of the crushed packages does have value on this site. It shows customers what happens if you refuse to package and stack your merchandise properly.

    And I don't care what carrier shipped this, it would still wind up like the picture.

    If there is any shame on our part, it is that we accepted this shipment in the first place!

    In regards to some of the other photos, I see worn equipment but that doesn't neccesarily translate into unsafe equipment.

    The photo of the air conditioner? Now that is unsafe!
  14. daveg

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    don't care much for this site but one thing i've noticed is that dude from indy is a whiny bitch. we have plenty of problems at our terminal on a daily basis and believe me when i say i'm no company honk. but really, grow a set and man up. lead by example and if the equipment is truly unsafe for the road don't drive it. my daily driver has 851k and burns 3-4 qts of oil a week. but i keep it filled up and treat my mechanics like gold cuz no truck=no check. don't know what happened with the trailer in your picture but something wasn't hooked up correctly. if you're such a super driver why don't you join the safety committee and give a block of instruction with demo on the proper method on hitching a trailer. or maybe take your special ass down the road to a company that deserves your special qualities and insights loser. and these smilies still suck.
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    i think i know exactly who u are driver, mike the guy whos like 6'6 and always wears sunglasses, and bitches about everything

    cant think of the last that u driver?