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    there is a survey going on right now for the ups freight members reguarding the supervisers and managers ....... just like upstate ny says the logo says ups but the mindset is still overnite . no matter how many times i shave and conform to big browns standards there is a prick ass overnite manager or supervisor worried about his/her job rather than worried about our customers . i want to see some heads roll, im tired of all the missed pick ups and undelivered shipments ." IT OUR COMMUNITY & OUR JOBS" these dispatchers and managers who candy coat the numbers gotta go !!! IF YOU TAKE THIS SURVEY TELL THE TRUTH ABOUT WHATS GOING ON AT UPS FREIGHT !
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    Agreed, but whether UPS or "Overnite mindset" it's all about numbers. And that's very unfortunate for us all as the customer is paying the bills.
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    I work further south of you on the east coast and my terminal is horrible, Too many bringbacks everyday, drivers leaving to make deliveries or pickups late in the day. I don't understand why it's being run like :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:. All I hear every time I go to work are drivers bitching and complaining about management and filling grievances on a daily basis. I for one will never want to get promoted and just go and try to work the dock the best I can with very bad forklifts that either burn my ass cause they run so hot, don't work, not enough with weight scales, very short forks, barely running, you name it but UPS Freight will run them to the ground before buying new forklifts yet they want us to work faster and by the book. One day alone I was on my forth forklift cause they were breaking down. The dock alone needs ALOT of work with some dock plates in really bad conditions. Old trailers and tractors with "Overnite" compared to the new UPS Freight equipment is like 80/20 with terminal still looking like overnite. And people are confused on who we are and I have to say the equipment compared to Fedex Freight and all the other carriers look very bad and old. I'm going to try and hang on thru the holidays if I don't loose my mind and leave early but I don't see myself working for UPS Freight in it's current way for very much longer. I seem to only complain and I have to be honest and say I can't say anything good with my time as a UPS Freight employee. I hope things change for the better and quick. Where do I find this survey?
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    I hear you brother, well its Feb. 12' and the bull:censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2: still goes on.....I hope you didn't voluntarely quit by the way, hang in there. Lets all sit back and watch it play out...and then you can tell them, we have been trying to tell you all along!