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    Hey everyone,

    I was wondering what hours UPS Freight City Drivers work? I keep hearing that some average 8-10 hours per day and others are working 12 a day. Does anyone know what's typical? I just got my CDL and have a offer from FedEx freight as a drivers apprentice, but I'm trying to look at all my options. FedEx say's I would average 50 hours a week until I was done training. 20 of those would probably be working the dock.

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    Why would 20 of the 50 hours be unpaid?
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    Wut?Did you even read his post?
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    I read "working the dock" as "working off the clock".

    Never mind.
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    Hours you work depend on several things, first what area you are being hired on at. second how many drivers do they need and how many do they have. Work is giving on seniority, so the longer you have been at a terminal the more flexibility you will have, i.e. not having to work as much overtime as lower if you don't want or working as much as you can. At my terminal, once we get out of this slow time of the year, average start time for new drivers is 10:00 am. You may have to work the dock if that was the only thing available to work. Good luck on trying to figure out what to do, I average 53 hours a week, but I also have over 8 years in and lucked into a prime 6 am bid.
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    It somewhat depends on what terminal. If yours has two locals like mine, city driver do no dock work and I would imagine they get less hours because of that.