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    I have been with ups freight for 8 years formerly overnite.I'm a new union member and proud of it. I was suspended for 3 days for what mgmt is claiming I was stealing company time and was grounds for termination.On feb10 I was told to see city sup after I came in that night,I asked what it was about they wouldn't say so the next day I asked again and they said to get back with them later after 2 days of worrying the next day they said to wait for the union steward after 45 min of waiting they tol me to report to the terminal mgrs office. They said on feb10 the ciy dispatcher was watching me and how long it took me to enroute myself to my last pick up and was stealing company time ,they claimed I waited too long to respond to the diad message but when I sent them amessage I had to wait at least 15 min. I was talking to a yellow driver while I waited .I did make the last pick up with time to spare but they said it was unacceptable to not show some kind of delay on there. I thought I would I would at least get a warning not possible termination being my first time being in trouble, when they pulled my file they said I was a good employee with no prior incidents in 8 years. I really am glad I signed a union card without protection quite a few of us would be gone and these are people with excellent work history. I dont know if I should file a grievance is this considered just cause. I was told I would get something in writing.:dissapointed:
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    File a grievance. You had no choice, but to wait. Who cares if you were talking to a Yellow driver or a driver that was yellow, you were waiting on the pickup. Make sure you bring a steward with you everytime you confront management, as well. Welcome to the Brown Cafe...keep in touch.
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    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    File! before your window of opportunity closes.
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    Went to lunch today at Carl's Jr in San Clemente. A UPS freight truck pulls in and the driver is taking his lunch. Other than a neat haircut, this guy was a slob and not a good representative for UPS.

    His shirt was all out and dangling and his brown shorts looked like long brown pants cut off with no hem. Stringy things were hanging. Just not good. :sad-little:
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    Was the driver you saw the OP?
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    What's OP ??
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    Why it's Ocean Pacific, of course, j/k, it means the original poster.
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    They all have giant bushy beards around here because they were told if they shaved their beard they couldn't grow it back.

    They need beauty school!
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    Here in the greater Bay Area there two types of drivers. First the driver that is a proffesional looking service provider, one that from what I see could easilly step into a Package position. Secondly a employee that serioslly looks like hes on his way back from the biker rally, or maybe is just out of the Big House here on some sort of work release program.
    As far as stealling time is conscerned, welcome to UPS. This is not your daddys trucking company, constant production is not a suggestion its mandatory. What did you think when you got those pay increases and benefit increases, they both come with a price! Good luck.
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    I've seen plenty of package drivers that look less than professional. The dangling shirt, the crappy shoes, non-regulation socks, needs a shave, wearing non-uniform caps and jackets, cigarette dangling from the lips all day, the list can go on and on. Hell, half my shorts have holes in them because there's no money in the center budget to order new ones.

    Since UPS has apparently "de-skilled" center manager's and on-car supes along with all the preloaders and sorters, a lot of managers no longer bother to enforce appearance standards, as they are too busy reading Telematics reports and what-not.
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    File the grievance driver. You shouldn't lose your job over this.
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    ok time for me to step onto my soap box on this one!!!!! u should file asap first of all and u can beat that bull easily! Now as for the comment about our appearance over at ups freight im a driver and thats just what i am if i wanted to wear three piece suits for a living i would have gotten a law degree or a corporate position in which im sure that more luck has cause he sounds like a ups brain washed sup. and as for us needing beauty school u trying to be a model caring in dirty boxes full of dripping sweat cause ur prize employer doesnt care enough to put air in ur truck ms pacman or are u part of the brain washed crew as well? I agree we have to look presentable but people take it too far picture me pulling up in a smelly dusty truck in a suit and tie and hopping in a dusty trailer to push off a pallet of greasy fith wheel axles come on people be for real my goatee and my stud earings have never stopped me from being a great and productive driver and all my costomers love me!
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    Take your paycheck, get a hobby and get off line on the weekends! --From a wife of a 33-yr. UPSer
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    Wow you covered it all.........all but the urine soaked rear trailer tires, that is.

    LOL, nice first post.
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    lol thank u