UPS FT Career Paths - Obtaining a College Degree

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    I am a part-timer with just about 4 years in the company and have a burning question. As a FT package driver would it be feasible to attend college PT and earn a degree of choice? Has anyone achieved such a feat or known someone that did? Is this all just crazy talk?
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    Anything's possible, but it would be incredibly hard unless you have a gravy train route and are off by 5 or 6 most days. I know a few who have done this but they were haggard and didn't get the best of grades. And in the end, they still drive package car. You make just as much and more often that not, much more than someone with a Masters degree. If you go for personal enrichment then by all means. If you're going so you can do something you love instead of humping cardboard all day, then stay part time, go to school, use Earn n' Learn if it exists in your area and live a scorched Earth life eating Ramen and Mac n Cheese till you're done, because the money from driving will trap you.
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    I gots a coollede edumacation butt make way more moneys as a dryver.
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    Yes, it's possible, and I've seen it done, but you'd likely position yourself to take most of your classes online. It's becoming increasingly possible to earn select degrees completely online at many state college & universities - which is a better path than utilizing online schools (especially University of Phoenix).

    HOWEVER... recognize that as you dig into higher-level college classes, many consume more time. I typically spend 10+ hours per week per class studying & completing assignments, and I'm somebody who can get away with spending less time studying. There are weeks when some classes occupy 20+ hours of my time, if there's an exam or major project. So when there's 168 hours per week, work (including commute) occupies 60, sleep occupies 56 (you'll need at least, and probably more than that, to do well at your job + school), and eating/showering/pooping 10+ ... you get the idea.
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    TV tray while sitting on toilet, wash up in the shower. Saves 2 hours.

    See, coollege edumication.
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    ^^^^ lol! Hahahaha
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    I make 6 figures, insurance is paid for myself and family, and a pension. Why again would one want to get and education when my hard work and long hours is rewarded already?
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    Some people like having a "Plan B".
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    I get that, but getting a degree doesn't mean you'll get a job. Life is a school and UPS teaches that with hard work and determination to make it through the BS, you'll be rewarded well. I have a high school education but I have no doubt if left here I'd do just fine and even better than most of my friends with degrees.
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    Thanks for the comedic and insightful responses guys. I should have specified a few examples in the first post. Say, working a computer science degree while driving if one wanted to move into IT or something. Some technical fields in which job openings may be more abundant? I think this thread may be dead already. I feel more edumacated already.
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    I'm 5 years in with part time myself. Working on my AS in network systems administration. Ill be done next year and I'm debating if I want to stay with the company and try to move into IT or take the degree elsewhere.

    I see lots of IT openings up in Atlanta with the company, the ivory towers I take it and even more further up the east coast but....I'm still debating.
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    If you want both; FT position and a degree, get the degree while you're PT like most kids do. Depending on location, the wait for a driver bid varies. At my local the wait was almost 7 years. That's enough time to get your degree and wait for a FT position.
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    I provided a fair answer to you. You're asking if it's realistic to attend college PT while driving FT. With an increasing array of reputable schools (including public colleges & universities) offering online & weekend college programs, nothing would stop you. What would stop you would be your ability to balance work, school and your social life. A full day of UPS exhausts most people, could you handle immediately hitting the books afterward? Most people recharge by hitting the bar, spending time with their family, or relaxing in front of the TV. Perhaps vesting in your school work would recharge you -- only you can answer that. Just be prepared to spend 10-20 hours per week on each class you take.
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    Pull out or wear a condom and plan B won't be needed.
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    I did it FT driver. Granted, it was over 15 years ago. It was a given that i would be late to class. I already had a BA in Economics with a minor in CS, and UPS paid for me to get another degree in accounting, and then I took the CPA exam and passed it. As far as staying with UPS, I was told at that time, that the only path for Drivers was the supervision path. Period.

    Now I am a Network and Information Security guy.
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    I would advise you to get a Business, Finance or Computer Science degree. A BS degree in those fields will be a better back up too. If you get a certification, that would be good too, like A+, or CPA etc. You will have options out of UPS as well as management. UPS pays enough so you don't need a degree but with a marketable degree your outlook would be better if your fired or somehow lose your job.

    Go to a public college, that has full or hybrid online courses
  17. Bagels

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    Degrees in computer science as well as pretty much anything math/science related are the most in demand. Business is a solid option, but a surge in graduates has made the job market more competitive -- including, in many areas, declining entry-level salaries.

    But it's a misnomer to believe that a college degree is a good "backup" option to driving. If you graduate in 2013, lose your job in 2017, you're essentially unhireable as most employers will believe you failed to retain most of your knowledge -- and in computer science fields, it won't be current. But there are companies such as UPS that only care you have a degree should you go into reporting management -- not whether you've "used" it, or when it was earned.
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    We had a driver who got a Criminal Justice degree with the undertstanding that the individual would be going into management,specifically Loss Prevention. The individuals route was often underdispatched so it would be possible to make Night School.
    This person has worked in Operations upon graduation and entry into management and was recently 'promoted' to Preload supervisor. Since being 'promoted' this individual works 14-16 hours a day,every day.
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    Pretty simple answer to that Jackburton.........

    Because UPS will not be the same in 5-10 years.... A driver's job is not nearly as secure or safe as it once was years ago. ANYTHING one can do to diversify him or herself is a benefit in today's society of uncertainty.

    As a part-time UPS employee.....I also make well into the infamous but overrated "6 figure" range (certainly not bragging) because I happen to have my own business as a result of my college education... All my "6 figures" are made within a 5 month period (excluding my UPS wages)....all while working part-time at UPS..... I also have health insurance for myself and family....a pension...not to mention 7 weeks vacation. ALL of this was made possible by the fact that we OLD part-time UPSers kept pace with the drivers rate of pay...enabling some of us to branch out into our own ventures...

    The OP simply wants to have a secure life like all of us... My guess is that if he ever would go driving....he would most likely never complete a 4 year college degree program. I truly feel for the younger generation of today. Many challenges ahead for all these young people entering an increasingly competitive global work force, Wall Street greed, etc..
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    Very well put. Only thing I would add is that all jobs aren't safe, not only a driver at UPS. The problem newcomers to the job force face is higher student loans than a generation ago, and the average wage of a college grad hasn't really went up due to the over abundance of them. Employers know this and take advantage of this, ask any management person at UPS corporate that's been there for 20+ years. Specific sectors are going gang busters at the moment, mid west oil fields to name one. Hard work comes in many forms, not just time spent getting a degree, or slinging boxes.