UPS Full-Time hiring freeze? or What gives

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by phoophiter, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. phoophiter

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    I am a cover driver and have been at this center for 6 years and we haven't had a full-time driver hired since 2007. We use to run over 40 routes now it is down to about 31. We have had 6 fired, 3 retire, 2 quit, 1 long-term disabilty, and 1 die of a heart attack. When a driver leaves they do not hire a replacement instead they cut a route. They say it is because of lower volume, but, I have not seen it.

    We have 4 cover drivers that pretty much drive year round. I am the 5th out and got a lot of time this summer, but, am not on the road yet for peak. The union does not seem to do much to get the driver slots filled. Is this going on country-wide or just here at my center??
  2. Coldworld

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    Phoop, what were the six drivers fired for...that is a lot for such a small center...this is happening all across the country, and a couple reasons is because of ups basic service, stops per car going up, harassment to go faster or well make your life at work hell and super cool new gadgets like nifty automatic door openers that let us all do an extra 30 stops a day. Some say that this has to happen because we make soooo much more money than the competition....but if we were making 15 dollars an hour this would still be happening. Look at what they do to loaders making 8.50....
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    I retired 10 years ago from a small center. Since then 7 more have retired and one quit. As far as I know they have only hired one new driver in all that time so it seems to be part of their company wide game plan. Last one left please turn out the lights when you retire.
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    I would say that the guys that got fired were for pretty good reasons, at least 4 out of the six -- 2 were a little more questionable .. but all in all legitimate firings. They just aren't filling the spots that have been made available.
  5. Bad Gas!

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    I think it is the same everywhere...Routes are being cut..Drivers aren't replaced..Cover drivers aren't promoted. They make sure cover drivers don't get a certain number hours each year or they automaticly go full time..
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    Sure post is the job killer
  7. Monkey Butt

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    It is not just in the driver ranks that this is happening. It is happening in every nook and cranny of the Corporation.

    Once the economy picks up, UPS will be positioned to very well as a leaner and stronger competitor.
  8. Monkey Butt

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    No my friend, SmartPost is the job killer at UPS.
    Luckily for you, the Teamster and UPS decision makers are much smarter and informed.
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    What's up with your avatar,you look like a hobo.......are those flies circling around your head????
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    Dude! Get some glasses.
    Those are mountain peaks and shadows in the snow.
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    I hope so. It has been tough.
  12. Coldworld

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    Ummmm,what the hobo,I mean grizzley Adams is trying to say is even though volume will grow people will not be replaced because we will just adjust the allowances to absorb the extra work. Push of a button and its done. Maybe well loose another 5.8 seconds because UPS forgot to factor in the time from delivering on bikes to moving into the model t...remember "old #1"....
  13. Coldworld

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    I think we are going to micromanage and number crunch ourselves out of the delivery business within a few years
  14. Monkey Butt

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    I just glad you couldn't think of Euell Gibbons.
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    Ask your B.A. about the ratios.
  16. phcoppage

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    If you're running an average 31 routes, how many full time drivers are on your seniority list? In our center we ran into this issue a year ago and the settlement handed down was "as long as ups has 10% more drivers than average routes run and ups was not using cover drivers the supplement work force, there is nothing else the union could do.
  17. phoophiter

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    I want to say..36 but not sure. Checked out the list the other day. Not sure. I do know that a route I use to load averaged about 90 stops 4 years ago. Now when you load the same truck it is about 116 with 400 packages. Usually they will plan a route 10.5 two days and shift it to say..8.5 to stay within the 3 day 9.5 rule. And, then shift thruout that way. Say his will have 10.5 with stuff added on Monday, Tuesday. Mine will be 8.5 Monday, Tuesday. Then mine is a 10.5 with stuff added Thursday, Friday... and they have it aligned that way thruout all the routes. I know one guy goes out with like 175 stops about 2 days a week...with about 3 drivers going to help him after their routes.

    Major number crunching going on at our center. Our pre-load doesn't even get done usually until 9:30. Most of the time drivers are pulling out at 9:50..... Major late air all the time... talking over a 100 late at least twice a week.
  18. phoophiter

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    And two cover drivers drive cover about 11 months out of the year...pretty sure that is supplementing the work force.
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    This is the way it is suppose to be. Ups is trying to find the balance of how efficient they can be. To do this they're going to push, push, push production until the drivers all push hard enough back. This is how the balance is found. Im betting they can still get away pushing even more because the ft drivers and/or union isn't really pushing back all that hard.
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    COVER DRIVING IS RESPECTABLE , IF they tell you to come in they have no work you are gaureented 8 hours now its boring to stay but do it,it the easiest money you will make . the trick is dont give in and dont go home. you get an hour for lunch, you willl make it . and im glad you didnt give up.