UPS Gain in Overnight Deliveries Shows U.S. Economic Confidence

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    UPS Gain in Overnight Deliveries Shows U.S. Economic Confidence - Bloomberg

    Gains in overnight shipments at United Parcel Service Inc. (UPS) and FedEx Corp. (FDX), the two largest package-delivery companies, show consumers and businesses are willing to pay for faster deliveries as the economy expands.

    Average daily volume for UPS’s next-day air packages “grew at a mid-single digit rate,” overshadowing a drop in ground delivery for the quarter ended March 31 from a year earlier, data from the Atlanta-based company showed yesterday. Such growth in premium overnight air packages is a sign of economic confidence, according to Chief Financial Officer Kurt Kuehn.

    UPS’s results echoed data from FedEx issued almost six weeks ago that showed average daily volume for U.S. overnight deliveries at the Memphis-based carrier rose 2.4 percent to 1.22 million boxes in the quarter ended Feb. 28 from a year earlier.
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    Too bad we will loose that extra overnight volume due to mgmts. incompetence. Air was late again today due to the storms in Louisville. They said they had no choice but to shuttle it out today after leaving the majority of it in the building after it came in late 2 days in the previous 2 weeks. Apparently we lost $7 million worth of accounts due to my hub having very few extra trucks and drivers to shuttle out late air. Once again all the hard work by hourlys to provide service to our customers is thrown out the window but ignorant mgmt personel.
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    Out there in (ROA) alot of your large customers have moved to other states, ever noticed all the shuttered up buildings?
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    Overnight packages coming in on the plane have nothing to do with the customers who ship locally. They left hundreds of NDA packages in the building on two seperate days and scanned as missed. Not even an attempt. As far as shuttered up buildings, no I havent noticed that. I mean sure there are some places that the recession have driven to close but this area of the country is well below the national average for unemployment.
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    As we all know today was cut a route Friday. Talked to another driver bout an hour ago he was just getting off at 9:30 brought back 13 stops MISSED. Ran out of time to deliver them. Another bit of UPS management at its finest.