UPS Guilty of Race Discrimination? Shocking! July 27, 2010

Discussion in 'UPS Information Technology' started by UPSLennyBriscoe, Jul 29, 2010.

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    UPS Guilty of Race Discrimination? Shocking! July 27, 2010
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    Not enough details to judge, but if one of my direct reports sued the company I worked for for discrimination, I may have been a bit cold to them as well upon their return from "medical leave".
    She should have seen it coming though.
    I lost track of how much he ended up receiving. Whatever, it's still a lot of free "40's".

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    I don't know what to really say about this... UPS favors minorities and will promote a less qualified person for a positon just because they are a minority... If you think I'm wrong look around....
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    I was curious as to why the OP had bad rep, so I checked their profile. It turns out that UPSSOCKS gave the OP bad rep, because UPSSOCKS didn't like what the thread was about. Nice going, SOCKS! I guess we all need to make sure we don't post anything about something that is near and dear to SOCKS' heart.
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    I am surprised--there was nothing inappropriate about the OP. Now, if Socks was talking about the irrelevant youtube video, I would 110% agree with the neg rep.
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    Let's be fair here. UPSSOCK's Neg Rep is COMPLETELY consistent with his reply to the OP's post.

    The comment about the "irreleant youtube video" is a clearly obvious dig ast ROD, who has been "taunting" a certain BC Celebrity.

    Love him or hate him....UPSSOCKS has been consistent in everything he has posted soince I noticed him.

    Rude, crude, realistic and honest.

    I may agree with his political correctness, but he's not concerned with that..... Let's be fair here....

    UPSSOCKS Well-Known Member

    That is correct.. I think the thread is bogus, if anyone thinks UPS is racist they need to take a look around...

    If the title of this post would of been " UPS Guilty of Race Discrimination? July 27, 2010" I would have said nothing, but the title was " UPS Guilty of Race Discrimination? Shocking! July 27, 2010 " The "shocking" part leads me to believe the OP thinks UPS is guilty of race discrimination....
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    The OP found a court transcript that said UPS was guilty. Why bad rep the OP? You constantly bash hourlies. How many times have you been bad repped?
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    I broke the spell and put green lights on the original poster's christmas tree

    Upssocks, I am much more versed in the power of the force, return from the dark side lest it consume u.
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    the problem with the rep system is the scoring . it should be there to tell someone you agree or disagree with their posting certain information. The scoring system turns it into a punishment / reward system. the threads would be easier to read if you did not have to weed through the agree/ disagree +1 posts.

    I can see the negative rep on the post. the winning of this lawsuit does not mean the company acted in a discriminatory fashion only that the guy was able to win his case in court. Reading through the case it appears the company was not allowed to present evidence it felt would help their case. as a mid level manager I know opportunities are presently enhanced for minorities. we are asked to identify minority candidates that can be "fast tracked" for promotion. The op has a right to post this information here. Socks also has a right to question the motives of the OP for posting this information and to thus neg rep him for his percieved intentions. The question is of all the relevant ups info the op could have posted why did he feel it necessary to post this bit of information. Its all part of the message board format to ask these questions.
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    I can find fault with UPS for many things but racial discrimination is not one of them.

    My building is in a predominantly white area, but our Division Manager who oversees the entire facility is black. Other than one driver and one on-car sup, he is the only black face among over 500 employees there...and he runs the show.

    There are also a large number of other minorities and women in positions of authority. And it has been my experience that they are indeed qualified for the jobs they hold, rather than merely being a token hired to fill a quota.

    Its unfortunate that UPS is obsessed with quotas in other aspects of the business, but at least hiring and promotion doesnt seem to be one of them.
  12. I'll have to agree with UPSSOCKS here. UPS is quite frankly involved in some reverse discrimination against white people. I've watched this go on in my workplace for the last 5 years or so, but especially in the last 2 years -- we have an unbelievable amount of double minorities in management now. I find it tough to believe ALL these people were hired based on merit -- it's obviously to fill some ignorant quota.

    UPSSOCKS Well-Known Member

    Wow...... Talk about acknowledging the Elephant in the room..
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    Tie do you really care about your rep here in the cafe?
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    I think Cheryl, Tony or a High-Ranking Moderator should invite UPSSOCKS back.
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    There are no high ranking moderators.The only reason we are here is to try to help
    keep things on an acceptable level.Some people think they can come in here and say whatever they want with demeaning comments that serve no other purpose but to
    try to upset people.
    It reminds me of a certain person that was terminated for some stupid thing and instead of taking it in stride killed himself .He would most likely have gotten his job back but he thought otherwise.Sad but true.Some people are more sensitive than others and thats why we try to keep things friendly.Opinions are welcome,but some folks seem to think this is their soapbox in Hyde Park.Respect earns respect.
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    Highly unlikely.
    May let him come back but not invited back. IMO
    He consistently ignored the TOS even though it was explained to him many times.
    I think "he" was tiring of it anyway and was ready to go back to posting as his original persona.
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    It's funny how taxing it is to have 2 or more identities. Afterall, I am also...
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    .......Over9five. I fooled ya'll. I've never even seen New England.
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    "ya'll" :rolleyes:
    Try again, yankee..