UPS has found ways to work in traffic

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    UPS has found ways to work in traffic - Los Angeles Times

    All UPS deliveries are planned with the help of a $600-million computer system that was implemented about two years ago. Unique in the shipping industry, it represents state-of-the-art trip planning, an idea touted by transportation experts as a way to cope with increasingly congested urban areas.
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    I will never believe anything I read in the paper again, what a crock of bull$^&T

    and if there are any miles reduced at all, it is because routes were eliminated. a package car
    cant put miles on the road if its sitting in the building all day. no matter what they say I think customers know whats going on. the driver that use to be there driver is gone ( different drivers all the time ) no longer can they set their watch by when their driver arives
    their deliveries could come at any time of day or night or perhaps the next day or 2 because their package was put on the wrong car. no wonder volume is falling into the toilet. but the higher ups will never admit it. they just print bull in the paper. all for the sake of micro managing each route to eliminate as many as possible on a daily basis. just shove it all on
    who`s ever left.