UPS helps take No-Idling national

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    UPS helps take No-Idling national - Business Journal

    United Parcel Service Inc.’s charitable arm The UPS Foundation has donated $350,000 to take the No-Idling Campaign national with partners Earth Day Network and The Clean Air Campaign.

    “Turning off your engine while waiting to pick up your child is such a simple step to help everyone breathe cleaner air, save money on gas and reduce emissions all at the same time,” said Kathleen Rogers, president of Earth Day Network. “Vehicle idling wastes fuel and money. In fact, idling for 30 seconds uses more fuel than restarting your engine, and idling for 10 minutes a day wastes an average of 24.6 gallons of gas per year.”
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    This is good, I think there are a lot of misinformed people that thing idling uses less gas than restarting the vehicle. Every little bit helps us make our environment better or conserve fuel.
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    This is very funny, I work in upstate NY and UPS forces me to take a 45 minute lunch even though skipping my lunch would be legal. This forces me to idle my truck for 45 minutes so I dont freeze to death. UPS only cares on paper but in reality its all talk
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    UPS is all show. They let the K-Loaders, Belt loaders, Tugs, and package cars idle for hours everynight before the sort here in louisville. Hipocrites.
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    Just wait till dewed sees this!
    UPS has a good reason for doing it this way.
    We have measured it.
    Anyway go after the manufacturers of the machines ... its not UPS!
    You just wait!
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    Mech why do they let them run? Its not that cold overnight so it shouldnt be that hard to start them in the morning....
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    Drewed i work at worldport. We work all night long. They start the equipment 3 hours before the first aircraft lands and let it run till about 7 am . Why you ask? I dont have a clue.
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    Every sleeper team I have seen that pulls into our hub for fuel lets the engine idle....even while fueling (which I think is illegal).
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    I know just curious, we run our equipment during the cold spells to warm it up for a little when we have (when its less then 0 out), because it tears up the equipment but I couldnt see why SDF would do it.
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    I'll show this to the boss tomorrow night when we have 10 diesel pkg cars idling outside for 3 hours during the reload.
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    Kinda off topic, but somewhat related, but when I first started working at ups, there used to be signs posted that said "no idling in building".

    I used to think that meant if your slide was clean, you had to find something to do such as fine tune the load or bump down and help the loader next to you.

    To me, the no-idle policy meant that you couldn't be caught standing around with nothing to do.
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    I have to idle for almost 10 minutes in the AM during wintertime because I cant get my management team to provide those of us who park outside with ice scrapers and squeegees on long handles.

    I used to have one that I made myself out of a plastic dime-store ice scraper taped to an old broom handle, but I think a feeder driver swiped it.

    I have suggested on more that one occasion that they have a part-timer go around and scrape ice off of all the windshields every morning prior to our start times, but my management team apparently feels it is more cost-effective to pay 30 drivers to sit there and idle for 10 minutes every morning.
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    We're saving fuel etc., however, we spent a lot on new starters, and turbochargers. Just another public relations stunt to kiss up to the government to get funding.
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    Trick, we did this too, only not while fueling. We did get the OK from people smarter than us, tho.

    If you've ever been on one, and I'm not bitchin here, just try to sleep if you're not on duty. I always could but I think I could sleep on the surface of the sun. Many legs we had involved sitting for many hours. In Louky, sometimes we sat for 4 or more hours waiting for loads to be ready or come in from some other team. Try sleeping in a sauna then get up refreshed to drive for 10-11 hours on YOUR shift. :sick:

    When both of us were up, we did shut it off. Shower, break, etc. When one was sleeping, we left it running. Used much more fuel? I don't know, maybe but we could drive safely when our turn and we could sleep safely knowing our driver was rested.