UPS hiring for Full Time Warehouse Associate, have an interview, have questions..

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    Hello all. UPS SCS in my area is hiring for Full Time right from the start. I do not work for UPS and never have. I filled out an online app and have an interview scheduled. I have been searching for a couple days but still have questions. Thank you in advance.

    It seems very rare for a full time position, care to explain why this would be happening?

    Pay? Do you think it will be on par with part-time money, $9-$10 or possibly better?

    I currently work for a competitor as dock/forklift. Will this help or hurt?

    Can you help me prepare for any interview questions?

    The info:

    We are recruiting for our full-time Warehouse Associate positions at UPS Supply Chain Solutions. The work environment is focused on quality and relies on teamwork to accomplish daily tasks. These positions may require lifting of at least 70 pounds and working at heights of up to 28 feet while using Powered Equipment.

    Responsibilities will include loading and unloading, packing and unpacking, auditing, general housekeeping, kitting, inbound processing, scanning orders, shipping and receiving, put-a-way, data entry into computerized inventory control systems and inventory control. In addition, most positions may require you to operate powered equipment such as a forklift or hydraulic jack lift to perform duties.

    Must be able to read and speak English. High School diploma or equivalent certification preferred.

    Full-time employees receive an attractive benefit package including medical benefits, vision and dental coverage, paid vacations and holiday, and paid discretionary days.
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    You should send a PM to ajblake. She has the most knowledge of anyone that I know on this forum re: SCS.
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    Thanks for the info. It seems most things on here pertain to package handler and driver positions.
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    Right--there are very few SCS folks on this forum. I do know that part of SCS is non-union. The job that you described is a pick and pack operation where the workers pull the orders. I would think the pay for a FT position would be in the $10-12/hr range, maybe as high as $14.
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    The only thing I can add is your forklift training probably doesn't mean much, UPS will most likely certify you for their own facilities. At least that's how it works for my hub, they want all the training paperwork showing they certified you to use the equipment not some outside company.
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    I agreed with you. Any way, your points of view make me thinking about some thing for my project.

    Pls try to keep posting. Tks and best regards
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    You bumped a post from over a year ago. The OP is a user that has 2 posts, both in this thread, plus the last activity was the next day.

    I would say the OP is gone.
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    I just applied for the same position in my area. I too want to know what the hourly range would be for this. I used to work in IT in the Hub, left and now came back (seasonal and still working) but want something FT.
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    No one knows anything? :grouphug:
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    Thanks.....I had my mouth open :sick: