UPS Hit with Federal and California Labor Lawsuit


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UPS Hit with Federal and California Labor Lawsuit - Lawyers and Settlements

On November 9, Galena Goins, Sonia Lopez, and Terry A. Jones-Jackson filed a nationwide class action and collective lawsuit in the District Court for the Northern District of California alleging that their employer, United Parcel Service, systematically discriminated against them and women similarly situated on the basis of gender, age and disability. They claim that UPS violated federal and California labor law.

The Complaint alleges that UPS was aware of the harassing and discriminatory treatment and failed to take appropriate steps to remedy the situation. The lawsuit names the women’s supervisor, Richard M as the “the chief harasser, and retaliator in charge of small sort [the area in which all of the women worked],”and seeks at least $250 million in actual, compensatory and punitive damages, among other remedies. This is not the first time UPS has been the subject of a race, age and gender discrimination lawsuit.

“Old boys club” at Oakland hub

The Oakland UPS sorting hub sounds like a workplace rife with discrimination and sexual harassment. Women who were regarded as too feminine and those chose to take advantage of the company’s paid time off or flexible work schedule policy to work part-time to care for family were reportedly left especially vulnerable.


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Always wondered where the union comes in to play on this. When you take an oath, you say not to discriminate or bring reproach.

If members are doing the harassment, shouldn't the union do a better job at not looking like sexist pigs?