Ups in pierce county uncooperative with l&i

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    Looks like UPS in our neck of the woods is being uncooperative with L&I in a accident in which a driver and his helper were injured last peak. Story goes from what I heard is the driver heard a warning buzzer going off all day, he called the center and the on-road told him to just keep delivering. Apparently the warning buzzer had to do with the brake system, didn't know our on cars were mechanics to. Vehicle rolled down a hill and was pinned against a tree. And now instead of doing what is right and work L&I they are dragging their feet and with holding information. Typical, they preach and preach safety and when it looks like they might be in the wrong they back pedal faster then a defensive back. I hope they are held accountable.
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    Washington Huskies.

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    Serious accident involving a helper is the name of this post when it first happened. The news story is a follow up.
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    What is the "L&I" that is being referred to in the original post?
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    Why wouldn't UPS want to turn over safety information? They should be ready with all the telematics info, dvir, etc. Trying to hold this info back from the L and I in Washington state has no upside.
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    Off hand guess.................... It won't go in their favor if they do turn it over. :dont_know:
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    I'm sure it does have a big upside for this case and other cases that could follow. This is why UPS pays people with experience ( ie lawyers ) to handle situation like these.
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    as i recall accident happend late night . Late into peak season could our driver been over 60 hours???? we know he was working as instructed??????
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    Any updates on this story?