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Discussion in 'UPSers International' started by uk-golfer25, Apr 28, 2007.

  1. uk-golfer25

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    Just like to say hello to all our UPS friends in the brown cafe. I'am a UPS'er from the UK. I hope to be able to add contributions from the other side of the pond.

  2. DS

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    Welcome to the cafe golfer,looking forward to your input.
  3. scratch

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    Welcome uk-golfer25,
    I hope to hear a lot more about how things are in your part of the world.
  4. toonertoo

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    Hello and welcome. Please visit regularly, and enjoy all the features of Brown cafe!!
  5. moreluck

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    Especially the wonderful folks who just welcomed you!!
  6. New Member

    hi uk-golfer25 nice to have you here look foward to reading your you input
  7. Sammie

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    It's always interesting to hear about the "UPS customs" in other countries.

    In Spain, I've heard that the UPS drivers take 2 hour lunches due to the extreme heat in the afternoons...

    And supposedly in Germany, beer is not frowned upon as a lunch time beverage!!
  8. stealth8

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    Welcome to the Cafe! I lived in the UK for 5yrs in the town of Chorleywood. Use to go see the Watford Football team play. My cousins still live in Shephard's Bush, big QPR supporters!! Stealth8

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Is it true that Europe (especially the UK) loves watching the "Simpsons"? I read that characters in this cartoon is what Britons think a typical household in the US is like.
  10. uk-golfer25

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    Yes we do love the Simpsons in the uk, and no we do not think this is a typical house hold in the USA. WE KNOW IT IS (Joke). Yes it true that the Spanish take a siesta in the afternoon, its because the shops and offices are closed for 3 hours!!!!. This custom is being slowly being withdrawn. As to the beer in Germany, i do not know. As you know if you are found drinking whilst working for UPS , on or off the road over here its instant dismissial.
  11. sendagain

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    Next thing you're going to say, is that English life is not comparable to the chaps on Monty Python: say it ain't so.
  12. MissedBusiness

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    Be careful. Theres sum weird people on this site.
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    welcome aboard you bloody blot.
  14. Channahon

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    Just curious, UK golfer 25, how long is the golf season across the pond? Thinking of a trip to England and was looking to bring my clubs.
  15. dutchups

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    Welcome UK-GOLFER, there are more of us European UPSers in this cafe..
    I wander in every now and then, always interesting to read about UPS abroad.
    Sometimes you see topics that are quite simmular as to ours but sometimes....

    Regards Dutchups..
  16. The-UK-Guy

    The-UK-Guy Tea anyone ?

    A fellow Brit , how are you, I grew up in shropshire but ended up moving to the states when I was 17, Los Angeles is slightly different to Shrewsbury mate I`ll tell ya . Am I correct in saying that UPS doesnt offer medical insurance over there ? (because of national health) and how is the pay in comparison to similar jobs such as the royal mail etc. Is UPS in the UK considered to be a sought after or relativly good Job. Do you drive in a residential or built up location and how many stops and pick ups do you average a day . Are Fed x and DHL the package leading companys in the UK still or are we ahead now ? sorry to ask so many questions , every time I get to come home if I do see a fellow UPS driver they never have time to talk , I guess some things are the same !
  17. Bloke

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    Do your center, division managers, etc. still get company cars? If so, what kind of cars do the different levels get?
  18. uk-golfer25

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    The golf season is all year! some golf courses even play on SNOW covered fairways (temp greens) though.
  19. uk-golfer25

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    Centre managers do still company cars or an allowance towards there own car. The higher in management the better the car!!!!
  20. raceanoncr

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    Welcome UK-Golfer25.

    I, too, have connections to the UK. I listened to a Beatles record one time. Can I call you "Kinfolk"? Just kidding.

    Jump in any time and have fun.