UPS Indianapolis freight workers ratify contract

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    UPS Indianapolis freight workers ratify contract - Reuters

    United Parcel Service Inc freight workers in Indianapolis ratified a new five-year contract reached by the Teamsters union that raises workers' wages and boosts the company's contributions to pensions and benefits.

    The contract, which covers 125 freight employees, is considered to be the first step toward the unionization of UPS's freight work force of about 15,000. The contract was ratified by a 107-to-1 vote.
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    Anyone seen any details on what is being offered by the Indy contract. Are they going to offer the contract nation wide? That's the only way I can see a UPS Freight contract working. I've been with Overnite/UPS Freight since 1990 and am pretty comfortable with the way thing are(Pretty much). I've heard rumors, but that is all.