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    Applying for the package handler position.

    I took the tour of the facility with about ten other people yesterday. Today me and and four others from yesterday met with an HR rep one at a time. The interview was very short and lasted about 5 minutes but I think I made a very good impression. She told me that I would be interviewed next Wednesday with a manager.

    Is this the normal hiring process or are they just giving me the ring around?
    How many interviews are there going to be?
    When can I expect to start work if offered the position?
  2. xlikelocusts

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    No help for a noobie? :dissapointed:
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    We can see patience is not one of your traits.

    No two areas hire exactly the same,some will hire you on the spot ,others may take several visits. Otherwise as long as your breathing your odds of landing a job as a package handler are extremely good.
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    I had one interview. I got the impression that the sole purpose of the interview was to evaluate whether I would quit immediately or not.

    I didn't start work until 2 months after my interview. I left a message on the HR persons voice mail every week telling her I wanted the job and was ready for work.
    They interviewed me in anticipation of college kids quitting for the summer. So when a position opened up they gave me the call to come on in... Except that's when they started my background check which took another 2 weeks before it came back satisfactory and I was allowed to work.

    No one can really answer your question. The hiring process is probably different in each building.
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    Just sneak in one of the bay doors on the side of the building and start working. Interview process/background checks take too long. Good Luck!
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    i took the tour with 20some odd people around september and was interviewed one by one. they said they will call me back if they decide to give me a second interview with a supervisior. they never called me back till about 2 weeks before peak season. it was the second interview they did a backround check and started my training a couple hours later.

    so a total of 2 interviews. if you land the job training for 2 or 3 days i think. i dont exactly remember, then you start after the training.
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    HR watches these threads. They generally do not hire anyone that posts questions that could have been found with an easy search. Especially questions that appear to have been cut and pasted from previous interviewees.

    Good luck to you in the future.
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    LoL how would they know who they were, it's annonymous...the least they could go by is location lol...but I highly doubt HR watches these threads, or even knows the identity of the interviewees asking the questions..

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    LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why dont you have him sneak into the dispatch office and start giving us all 8hr days while your at it.

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    Im w/ the HR department and hes right we dont hire people that post on here before they are a UPSer. Its like being an imposter.
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    Back when I was hired(now I know I'm old) the HR gentleman which hired me asked, are you in college?. Do you have your SS card with you? Can you start Monday?
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    I'm sorry?

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    LOL! You make no sense. You must be w/ HR. Chipping at your best friend but not paying attention to whats in your sentence.
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    I wrote something, thought better of it, couldn't delete it so ..

    This is also the response I give our afternoon OMS when she sends me a stupid message.

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    You must have edited your response so now mine makes no sense.
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    If you're meeting with the sort manager, that may be your final interview. I went through three interviews. The first was a group interview with the HR rep and others who applied. The second was a one-on-one with the same HR rep. Before the 3rd interview, the HR rep informed me that all new-hires would have to first meet and interview with the sort manager, as he was the one who gave the final word. This guy was no joke. I could tell through his line of questions that he really wanted to find out whether or not I could handle the work, wanted to work the night sort (lots of turnover/transfers here), and had no qualms with doing it all for $8.50. Expect to be asked how far you live from the HUB, too.

    If you're interviewing with the sort manager, do your best to illustrate that you want the job, you're able to handle the difficulty, and you have no issues with the meager wage. Do that, and you have a good shot.

    As far as when you'll start, that depends on when your background check comes back. Since you lose two days on the weekend, you only have weekdays to have your background check come back. The HR rep put in for mine on a Friday, and it didn't come back until the following Friday. I was then told to report for work Monday.

    Good luck.
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    UPS would prefer you already had a college degree. And if you have ever been a looper for the Dalai Lama, you would have that goin' for you, which is nice.
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    I'll be you $1 he doesn't get the reference.
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    loved the reference....I won't give it away. Looper !! LOL!!