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    I have a project in an college Anthropology of Business course. My group can interview anyone, and we decided it would be cool to interview a UPS manager, or anyone at UPS for that matter. Mostly we want to learn about the relationships and divisions of labor within UPS. Do any of you have any cool ideas of how to get an interview, or if UPS will give tours of their facilities?
    I am in Virginia and am willing to travel to get the conversation. Thanks for your time,

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    Oh that's a good question. Depending on who you contact could provide vastly different results. Are you supposed to get only one interview? If you can get multiple I'd say it'd be very helpful if you got at least four. One from each PT and FT hourly and management.

    As far as tours I don't know if they do it outside of potential employees, we all tour the facility during the hiring process, and special programs like this National Geographic Ultimate Factories UPS Worldport 1 of 3 - YouTube

    The obvious place to start would be the HR department of your local UPS facility, but that could end up as a PR spiel. If you don't actually have to meet the person face to face I'm sure some people here would help out.

    Good luck with your project.