UPS Introduces New Convenient Pick Up And Drop Off Options In Vienna, Austria With UPS...

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    Today UPS (NYSE:UPS) announced the opening of its first UPS Access Point™ location in Vienna. UPS Access Point locations offer convenient package pickup and drop off at local businesses, such as neighborhood grocery stores, tobacconists and petrol stations with extended evening and weekend hours.

    For some people in urban areas like Vienna, receiving packages can be difficult if they are not home or present to accept the delivery and UPS is unable to leave the package in a secure location. When unable to make a delivery to a recipient’s address, UPS drivers will leave a delivery note indicating when and where the package will be available for pickup. Consumers can then go to a nearby UPS Access Point location at their leisure and pick up the package as early as the same day.

    UPS expects to have more than 140 locations across the city by the end of 2016.

    UPS Access Point locations are integrated with UPS My Choice®, a UPS service that gives recipients more control over when and where they want their deliveries. Key benefits of UPS My Choice include: advance delivery notifications, the ability to reroute packages to an alternative location, such as a UPS Access Point location, and the ability to reschedule deliveries for a future date. This can all be done online or via the UPS Mobile™ app before a UPS driver makes a delivery. Recipients can also activate a holiday setting to have packages held and delivered when they return home.

    “Our existing customers, including online retailers, have expressed great interest in using the UPS Access Point Network and we are looking to meet their needs,” said Thomas Zeller, UPS Managing Director for Austria and Slovenia. “UPS Access Point locations, combined with UPS My Choice, allow shippers to better serve their customers by offering them more visibility, communication, customization and control over their deliveries.”

    UPS technology gives e-tailers the ability to offer consumers the option to ship their orders directly to a UPS Access Point location during checkout.

    There are currently more than 15,000 UPS Access Point locations across Europe, including locations in Belgium, Luxemburg, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain and the UK and more than 24,000 locations globally.
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    I worked with Thomas Zeller for years ... of course, I never met him since he was in Europe.
    These Access Points are pre-existing infrastructure from UPS purchasing an existing company.
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    Quoting a robot?
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    It's a step up from my normal quoting!